Rihanna Serves Vocals On New Single “Towards The Sun”

June 13, 2018

It’ll be featured on the soundtrack for Home. 1. Last year, Rihanna announced she’d be releasing a “concept album” based on DreamWorks’ upcoming animated family film, Home. Def Jam Dreamworks   She’s also voicing the main character, Tip. 2. Now, a full year after it was announced, the first taste of the album has made its way online and it’s good! Titled “Towards The Sun,” the song manages the tricky…


They Turned This World War II Bunker Into What? That’s Awesome.

May 31, 2018

Belgian team B-ILD designed a vacation home unlike any other. Thanks to their creativity and hard work, they were able to create this unique home for the holidays in the Netherlands countryside. Part of what makes the place interesting is that half of it is below ground. However, what separates it from the thousands of other luxury vacation spots is that it was once a wartime bunker. Here’s to hoping…