Global markets are finally getting spooked by Trump’s trade war

July 21, 2018

Getty Images / Mario Tama Global markets are once again worried about the impact of Trump’s trade war. Chinese stocks dropped sharply overnight, with losses then spreading to Europe. Major indexes on the continent are seeing losses of more than 1%. US Futures are also pointing lower, with the Nasdaq set to lose 1% at the opening bell. You can follow global market developments at Markets Insider. The escalation of…


Twitter reportedly suspended over 70 million accounts in May and June to fight its misinformation problem (TWTR)

July 15, 2018

AP Images Twitter suspended more than 70 million accounts, out of its 336 million monthly active users, in May and June to reduce the flow of misinformation on the social media platform, as originally reported by the Washington Post. Twitter and other companies like Facebook have reduced misinformation on their sites by deleting user accounts and more heavily monitoring the flow of user-created content. The publication obtained data that also…


Europe hates memes: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and other critics say EU copyright reform laws will do more harm than good

July 12, 2018

Stephane Mahe/Reuters A committee at the European Parliament will vote Wednesday on reformed rules that will address the growing role of online platforms, like Google and Microsoft. Early signs hint that the committee will secure approval of the rules, which include a mandatory upload filter to protect copyright on online sites like Instagram. Critics, such as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, say the rules might do more harm than good. Europe’s…


People are fleeing San Francisco’s housing market for sunny SoCal — here are 10 ways they compare according to people who have lived in both

July 10, 2018

Shutterstock People are getting more and more fed up with San Francisco’s crazy-high housing prices. The city’s always tight housing market has only gotten even more competitive as people migrate across the globe to land jobs in the growing and high-paying tech industry. A recent survey conducted by public-relations firm Edelman revealed that about half of residents in the Bay Area found the cost of living so insane, they have…


A bomb threat forced a United Airlines plane to make an emergency landing in Ireland (UAL)

July 9, 2018

REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann United Airlines Flights 971 made an emergency landing in Shannon, Ireland on Monday. Reports indicate a bomb threat was discovered on board the Boeing 767-300. According to reports, the threat was found inscribed in the bathroom of the plane. The incident was referred to as a “potential security concern.” Flight 971 was en route from Rome to Chicago when it diverted to Shannon around 1:44 pm local time….


See all the products that will cost you more because of Trump’s trade war

July 1, 2018

AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis Trump’s import taxes are meant to help US manufacturers by making foreign products more expensive, but this will hurt likely American consumers.  A new wave of tariffs targeting hundreds of Chinese industrial goods is set to take effect on July 6th. According to Labor Department estimates, the average cost of washing machines shot up by 17% in the past three months. Many other goods, such as the computer chips that power…