Gas prices could soar even though OPEC is going to start pumping out a lot more oil

July 11, 2018

Joe Raedle/Getty Images OPEC raised production levels, but oil prices are still rising.  Gas prices could rise as a result. Nearly everyone expected the OPEC+ decision to start raising oil production on Friday, with U.S. drivers excited to get some relief from high gas prices at the start of driving season. While OPEC did indeed announce the expected decision, oil prices jumped and they look unlikely to trend downward any…


The wildest legends and conspiracies a surprising number of Americans believe in

July 7, 2018

SipaPhoto/Shutterstock MSN surveyed Americans on whether or not they believe certain conspiracy theories and urban legends. While some demographics had average opinions, others came with intriguing thoughts. The result with the most “Yes” answers across demographics was in response to the question, “Are there things that happen on Earth that can’t be explained by science?” 36% of Americans believe that the US is “probably” hiding UFOs. 41.5% of women ages 18…


9 side hustles you can easily do from home

July 4, 2018

Shutterstock/WAYHOME studio Looking to make some extra money, but don’t want to leave your home to do it? With an ever-growing number of ways to make money online, you don’t need to.  Here are nine side hustles you can do from the comfort of your own home. 1. Transcribing ArthurStock/Shutterstock If you’re a good listener and can type quickly, you could make some decent extra money as a transcriptionist. Transcription…