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Recycling projects with glass bottles not only help save the environment but provide unlimited fun as well! Keep on reading for the best DIY projects you can make with glass bottles!

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We don’t notice it, but we buy so many bottles of beer, milk, wine—you name it—we end up with more glass bottles than we need.

I used to throw them all away, but I realized throwing these bottles away don’t help anybody! So, when I finally got into DIY projects, I started recycling them and came with glass bottle art ideas.

Recycling projects with glass bottles are the kinds of projects Mother Nature would be really proud of and I wish I had gotten into it sooner! So, here are the coolest recycling and glass bottle decoration ideas!

1. Hanging Bottle Vase

| If you want to try something new or you just simply want to save space, then you might want to try making this hanging bottle vase! Hanging your plants might even give them more air and sunlight!

2. Glass Bottle Terrarium

| Now, you might want to get rid of vases altogether. I completely understand.

We have glass bottle terrariums for that! Clear glass bottles are perfect for giving your terrariums an elegant and classic look!

3. Glass Bottle Chandelier

| Recycling projects with glass bottles can give you beautiful chandeliers as well! We all need a little switching up with our lighting fixtures once in a while.

This glass bottle chandelier sets a unique atmosphere in any room!

4. Glass Bottle Bird Feeder

| Since we’re being environmentally friendly, why not make a glass bottle bird feeder. These recycling projects with glass bottles is an amazing and effortless way to turn your unused glass bottles into something really useful!

Thus, benefit Mother Nature’s creatures as well!

5. Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser

| There’s nothing like seeing your DIY projects being used in little everyday things. It reminds you how hard work and creativity pay off.

Turn your empty wine bottles into a soap dispenser and spend the extra cash on fancier soap!

6. Glass Bottle Lamp

| As I said, recycling projects with glass bottles can give you almost anything. There’s no need to buy an expensive new lamp for your bedside table.

Make this glass bottle lamp yourself. The effect it gives to your light will have you sleeping like a baby every night!


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7. Faux Stained Glass Bottles

| While glass bottles are popular for their clear and elegant look, painting them can be quite fun and lovely too. These faux stained glass bottles make enchanting garden decors!

8. Votive Holder

| This DIY tutorial shows you how cutting your glass bottles in half can give you great votive holders. Glass bottles are the perfect materials for holding sources of light without ruining them!

9. Milk Bottle Vase

| You don’t always have to resort to wine bottles. Vintage milk bottles make great vases too! This milk bottle vase is perfect for a minimalist home!

10. Glass Bottle Shelves

| What did I tell you? There are recycling projects with glass bottles for almost every need!

Finding shelves that can go with your home design is a daunting task. But, these glass bottle shelves will give you the best of both worlds: sturdy and strong but also stylish and sophisticated.

11. Marble-Dipped Vase

| It’s a given: glass bottles make beautiful vases. But did you know they’re fantastic canvases too?

This marble-dipped vase is a perfect example of how recycling projects with glass bottles can yield stunning and artistic pieces!

12. Glass Bottle Citronella Candles

| Imagine having these glass bottle citronella candles in a room lit by your glass bottle chandelier. A tranquil sanctuary made possible by DIY recycling projects with glass bottles.

There’s no need to break the bank to have a little bit of luxury.

13. Self-Watering Glass Bottle

| Among these recycling projects with glass bottles, this has got to be the most amazing one. Now you won’t have to worry about your plants while you’re on vacation!

With this self-watering glass bottle, you’ll be certain they’re nourished for three days!


Watch this video from Shake the Future for more recycling projects with glass bottles:

What are you waiting for? Start gathering your empty glass bottles for these amazing DIY projects. I know they’re lying around your house waiting to be transformed into little saviors of the environment.

Recycling projects with glass bottles are what being a true DIY enthusiast is all about: creative, thrifty, and helpful. These are the kinds of projects I’d gladly dedicate my life too! And I’m sure you’ll find them as worthwhile and rewarding too.

Which of these recycling projects with glass bottles are you excited to make first? Let us know in the comments section below!


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