16 Signs You’re An ISTJ – The Most Common Personality Type

Does this sound like you?

1. Physically and mentally organised
2. Excellent planning skills and highly intellectual
3. Calm and clear headed during tense situations
4. Serious and committed in relationships
5. Believe in traditions and strive to follow them
6. Well respected in their community
7. Love to memorise details and facts.

Those are 7 common traits of an ISTJ!

The ISTJ is thought to be the most common of the Myers-Briggs personality types, making up about 13 percent of the population

ISTJ stands for introvert, sensing, thinking and judging

ISTY’s see it as their reasonability to keep everything running smoothly and most importantly they do things right!

Famous ISTJs include George Washington, warren buffet and John d Rockefeller, the fictional character Thorin oakensheild from the hobbit is also believed to be an ISTJ.

So are you an ISTJ? If you relate to most of the following signs then you might be an ISTJ

1. You do things right ’
2. You don’t draw attention to yourself
3. You hate incompetence
4. You always keep your word
5. You prefer to work alone
6. You notice details
7. You want something to do
8. You’re not the touchy feeling type
9. You own up to your mistakes
10. You’re very direct
11. You’re self sufficient
12. You have a stubborn streak
13. Un excepted change bothers you
14. You come across insensitive sometimes
15. You wear sensible clothes
16. Rules matter to you


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