20 Tweetable Tips from Ignite 2014

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Ignite tweetsWith so many great content marketers under one roof, it’s hard not to want to share every bit of advice they brought to Ignite this year. To make sharing all this insight even easier, we’ve compiled some of the best tips and tricks from our keynote speakers into this handy list – tell your friends!

Michael Litt presents The Future of the Internet is Television

Michael Litt

“If your marketing content isn’t creating a feeling, then what is it doing?” (Click to Tweet)

“The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web. I see that button & I want to click it.” (Click to Tweet)

Tim Washer presents Humanizing Your Brand with Humour and Storytelling

Tim Washer

“If you can make someone laugh in a business context it’s the most intimate connection you can have.” (Click to Tweet)

“Follow the fear! Make videos that may feel risky. Tell a worthwhile story.” (Click to Tweet)

“The best places to find a great story idea: Customers, Employees, History, Invention, Redemption.” (Click to Tweet)

“Share funny things. Comedy cuts through the noise so people listen.” (Click to Tweet)

Ann Handley presents How To Create Ridiculously Good Content

Ann Handley

“What if we put new value on the stories that we’re telling and how we’re telling them?”(Click to Tweet)

“Writing is the heart of all content marketing. Liver, lungs and central nervous system.”(Click to Tweet)

“Great marketing starts with great stories. Be unique, inspire and connect.” (Click to Tweet)

“The top challenge for B2B marketers for the last 5 years is creating compelling and engaging content” (Click to Tweet)

“Useful x Empathy x Inspired = Great Content” (Click to Tweet)

Scott Alexander presents The Importance of Thinking Like A Media Company

Scott Alexander

“Your competitors are not your competition anymore. Attention is the commodity you’re after.” (Click to Tweet)

“Consumers have a new level of control over how, when, and where you are permitted to have their attention” (Click to Tweet)

“Find what you stand for, and give the customer more than they have to give back” (Click to Tweet)

“Great videos give your viewers personal value: inspiration, emotion, awe, education, etc” (Click to Tweet)

Think and act like a media company within your organization. Produce great video content.” (Click to Tweet)

Mathew Sweezey presents Measuring Past The Click: How to Value Your Content Marketing

Mathew Sweezey

“Your customers aren’t in it to be engaged. They’re looking to be entertained.” (Click to Tweet)

“Understanding why we create content is where we have to begin to fully understand how to show value.” (Click to Tweet)

“Phone calls are the only real way to find out if your content had the effect you wanted.” (Click to Tweet)

“Content marketing isn’t just about creating content. It requires a very astute understanding of your buyer” (Click to Tweet)

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