4 helpful products and tips for preventing blisters caused by new or stiff shoes

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Blisters are a scourge unto our feet in the most literal sense. 

They are an actualized punishment left behind by our shoes: a reminder that we irresponsibly forsook our own toes and heels. 

Blisters are so common that most of us have just accepted that they’re now part of the universal human experience. If you wear shoes, you can’t escape them. 

But preventing blisters is actually a relatively easy thing to do if you outfit your shoes and feet properly. 

Below are some of the products, tips, and tricks I’ve picked up after seven years of living in cities and refusing to compromise on my love of stylish yet often impractical shoes. Trust me, these products will save you a lot of money in future Uber costs.

A spray-on treatment that prevents blisters and chafing.

PreHeels Blister Prevention Spray, available on Amazon, $14.24

Don’t let the packaging or name fool you — this spray-on treatment works for anyone of any gender wearing any type of shoes. PreHeels creates a protective barrier on the skin to prevent chafing and blisters caused by everything from heels to loafers. I use this all the time in the city, and though I find myself needing to reapply it every few hours, it really does work.

Metatarsal pads and and cushions that prevent blistering on the ball of the foot.

Skyfoot Metatarsal Pads and Ball Cushions, available on Amazon, $10.99

I have a pair of heeled sandals that I love wearing in the city, but they have an unfortunate seam that blisters the life out of the ball of my foot. These metatarsal gel cushions were a godsend — the last time I wore the sandals without them, I almost threw my pair into a fire. 

The anti-slip cushions stick to the shoe itself, but this pack comes with a set of two additional slip-on protective pads that are great for wearing with close-toed shoes that have have a similar seam issue. 

Adhesive pads that keep stiff backs from eating up your heels.

Hotop Heel Cushions 6-Pack, available on Amazon, $5.99

Every time I buy a new pair of loafers or flats with stiff backs, I make sure to buy a pair of these adhesive heel pads that I stick along the inside of the shoe to prevent the inevitable sting of breaking them in. Though I usually pick mine up from the drugstore, I plan to order a pack of these on Amazon because they’re way cheaper in bulk. 

Alternatively, you can just preventatively wrap your heels in large Band-Aids.

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