40+ Resumes sent Out, no Interviews – Please Help!!

Hello All,

As the title states, I need some help sprucing up my resumes: I have applied to more than 40 jobs over the past few months, each time revising my resumes to try and improve them, but have gotten no interviews. My current job is a damn nightmare, and I'm desperate to leave for something better, so I'm trying my best to job hunt and make my resumes better.

My educational background is in English, communication studies, and creative writing (I wanted to be a teacher, but took to long and accumulated too much debt during my undergrad) and my professional work experience consists of two (2) years on list screening, data enrichment, and data remediation on projects for financial institutions. I think that I would like a job in human resources/training employees, writing and/or editing, or administrative work; as such, I have developed three different resumes: one for HR, one for writing, and one of business and/or administration (analytically-oriented, as that's where my professional experience lies). There are links to these at the bottom of this post.

I know that some of my educational background and work experience don't exactly line up, but it's what I have to work with and there are a few benefits: the firm I work for rotates employees from project to project for different clients, so I've gotten exposure to tons of different areas, which I think helps diversify my skills. However, I could just be spraying paint on the wall and making my resumes turn out scatterbrained.

Please, will some of you excellent redditors go over my resumes and tell me what I can do to improve them and get out of the Hellhole I'm in?? Constructive criticism and resources would be greatly appreciated!!

https://imgur.com/hFDKjn1 https://imgur.com/It7XvnD https://imgur.com/pbgxRQQ

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