8 easy fixes for common clothing mishaps

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We’ve all been there: You’re running late for work, stuck on the train, or hurrying to a meeting when you suddenly notice that a button has popped off your favorite blazer. With no sewing kit or extra button in your bag, what do you do?

Thankfully, there are a number of helpful hacks to fix these common clothing mishaps. For those who are constantly on the go without a second to spare, fixes like these can be lifesavers before a big meeting or function. Dressing to impress is suddenly attainable again thanks to these eight nifty hacks.

A button fell off? Try using a safety pin.

Buttons can cause so much distress. It always seems like soon enough, one of them has popped off of your pants or shirt or jacket. And although it isn’t too difficult to sew a button back on, when you’re on the go, this can be impossible to do. So next time a button falls off, try using a safety pin to get it back into place.

YouTuber Shake the Future explains this hack fully in a video demonstrating how to properly use the safety pin. Essentially, slide the pin through the button’s hole on the clothing and then, once through, slide the pin into the hole on the button. Close and pin and there you have it.

Don’t have a safety pin? Use a twist tie.

So your button fell off but you can’t find a safety pin anywhere? Then try using a twist tie! How does this work? Men’s Health laid out the hack a few years ago and it’s super simple. Like the pin, put the twist tie through the hole on the clothes and then through the button itself. Then, take the two ends of the tie and twist them together. To finish it off and to ensure it stays put, grab some tape and wrap it around the end of the tie that you’ve twisted together.

Split some coffee? Grab some salt.
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Wearing white is such a struggle. Sure, it’s a super fashionable color during the warmer months but white clothing is so hard to keep clean. Especially for coffee drinkers, it seems like a drop or so of coffee always ends up staining your shirts. If this happens, first off, grab some salt.

According to Mr. Coffee Blog, take some salt and pour it on the stain. The more the better. Then, after a bit, gently wipe it away. It should, hopefully, remove the stain or at least stop it from spreading throughout the white piece of clothing.  

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