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First, there is a place for having some emergency food on hand that has a very long shelf life and this is one of the better deals out there that you will find. After my first purchase of this emergency survival food supply bucket I was satisfied enough that I ordered a second one. It was very fast delivery and packaged right. The buckets are stackable and the contents individually sealed. I think it has enough variety to be workable. Yes, you can buy these at costco for the same price but you have to pay costco for membership.

Here’s my thoughts. As other reviews state, this is not 275 servings sealed in 275 bags. It’s actually 55 bags with 5 servings each. This probably isn’t the only solution for food storage out there as people’s specific food needs can vary. Again, if you are considering this you are probably thinking of only a few scenarios where you would ever use this, and you are probably buying it as an insurance policy thus hoping you don’t have to use it. With a 20 year shelf life, if stored properly, it lasts far longer than canned groceries and would work for that.

So I think there is a place for a couple of these buckets on hand. Think of them as your long term food solution. Stack it in a dark, cool place in the basement and forget it. But I definitely wouldn’t go overboard. You need to consider your short term food storage needs. While these are great and I recommend them, they aren’t super cost effective or varied enough for a short term emergency food solution.

What I do for my family and what I recommend for you is that you augment these with a good dose of canned goods and other normal groceries and household items that your family already uses. Most canned goods last 2-3 years and can be rotated into your normal stock at any time. For example, you can buy canned corn, green beans, mixed veggies, mixed fruit, pinto beans, soups, diced tomatoes, canned chili, tamales in chili, tomato sauce, dry pasta, rice, peanut butter, power bars, canned chicken, tuna, honey, etc, etc…just look at the date’s imprinted on the can or package to determine approximate shelf life. You can also find shelf life guidelines on the web. Then rotate them into your current stock if they gets closer to expiring. Also, don’t forget that you need water. A case of 28 16.5 oz bottles of water can be purchased for under $4. Bottled water in proper storage conditions should last a year and a half or so.

If you buy a little bit of extra groceries here and there and a bucket or two of these, you will quickly build up a backup food pantry that you can use at any time.

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