As Creative As This Upside Down House Is, Look At The Bathroom. How’s That Work?

Dirk Oster is an interesting man from Germany who has a penchant for building upside down houses. The investor had his contractors build this unique house for a local zoo in Getorff, Germany… although I can’t for the life of me understand why. But, for whatever reason, he built the upside down house and to this day it remains a huge attraction for the zoo (who may want to consider hosting better animals).

The 23-foot tall house is standing on the point of its roof, supported by steel beams running through the attic.

The house was also built on a slight incline so it would change the viewer’s perspective, further giving the rooms a “funhouse” like quality.

Everything that is on the floor/ceiling is attached with screws and hangs precariously over the visitors’ heads.

That includes tables, chairs, beds, bowls and even a 100lb wardrobe.

If you visit the house, may I recommend using the restroom beforehand because it doesn’t look like this would end too well.

Okay, this house officially won me over. Now, I’m just waiting for the ZOO to be converted into an upside down zoo.


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