Birth control app Natural Cycles is in trouble after misleading people with claims it is ‘highly accurate’

natural cycles appNatural Cycles/Facebook

A Facebook ad for birth control app Natural Cycles has been banned by Britain’s advertising watchdog on the grounds it is misleading.
The Advertising Standards Association questioned claims that Natural Cycles is a “highly accurate contraceptive app.”
The app, which has just been greenlit in the US, is already under investigation in Sweden after a hospital revealed 37 women had reported unwanted pregnancies after using the app.

Natural Cycles, the app which claims to be an effective method of contraception, has had a Facebook ad banned after it was deemed to be misleading by the Advertising Standards Association (ASA).

Natural Cycles, which has just been greenlit by the Food and Drug Administration to launch in the US, claims it can provide by protection-free birth control by tracking a woman’s menstrual cycle through her body temperature.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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SEE ALSO: Contraceptive app Natural Cycles is under investigation over unwanted pregnancies

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