Did The Paparazzi Kill Princess Diana?

A recent report by the BBC on the ongoing investigation into Diana's death following a French assessment left me rather stunned. In it was an accusation that the photographers who were pursuing her contributed to the accident and, therefore, her death. While this can't actually be disputed it would appear that the commitment of these men is such that they have little respect for the privacy of their subject.

Apparently a photograph of her kissing her boy-friend, Dodi, made her creator and the press for which he worked millions of dollars. Now the paparazzi were fired up while seeking to get another 'exclusive' shot of the same or similar.

This woman was big news and well liked globally and magazines and newspapers were hungry for anything that would suggest she was romantically involved with someone. The kiss seemed to be just what they needed.

Looking beyond the photographers, however, caused me to question the mentality of the public who consume this stuff. They are the ones who but the magazine and papers. They are likewise hungry for gossip and snippets of information from the private lives of the famous. If they didn't there would be no need for what happened that night in Paris.

Equally as committed were the investigating police from Scotland Yard who re-examined every detail of the French investigation and found nothing amiss with it. The BBC, however, sent their own team to follow-up and low and behold they discovered evidence that the vehicle had been smashed up and written off two years earlier.

Sold to a company who repaired and sold it on it was bought by a limousine supplier to the rich in Paris. It was apparently under wraps in the basement of the Ritz Hotel when it was brought out to take Diana and Dodi away from it to his flat. Drivers of the vehicle stated that it was hard to handle at speed.

Because the photographers were chasing the car it was going at speed when it crashed into the pillar of the tunnel through which they were traveling. It was a case of circumstances and the blame must be distributed to several scenarios, not least of which is the hunger for the public and the media for that type of gossip.

The world lost an icon that night and the media lost a victim. The British public and the two boys she left behind still mourn her loss. We don't know why things like this happen but in my view we die when our time is up no matter who we are or what we are doing.

My reincarnation and link to the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, taught me that everything in our life is part of a plan and none of us have control over what we do. The things that are unexpected and, in or minds untimely, are done precisely when they are meant. We have all reincarnated and our birth and death is timed precisely to fit into that design. Our commitment should be to the Spirit and not to any icon or idol.

Source by Norma Holt

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