Difference Between Child Internet Monitoring And Employee Monitoring Software

There are two main types of internet monitoring software available. Each one provides a set of internet monitoring tools working together to protect you from different types of computer threats.

The first type of program is PC monitoring software designed for online child safety – which will protect your child from the dangers and hazards of the internet. Are you sure that your child is surfing safely on the internet and doing their homework rather than accessing inappropriate adult sites? BBC news reported in 2007 that children in Britain as young as eight were found to have performed indecent acts after visiting pornographic websites. This could have been avoided by using internet monitoring software which blocks access to all adult sites. Internet chat rooms being stalked by pedophiles are traps for innocent children. When British judge Lord Reed jailed a man for ten years for serious sexual assaults on two girls, he warned parents that chat rooms are targeted by older men who are "predatory and manipulative". Monitoring your child's chat room and email activity is easy if you use keylogger software. A family keylogger records all keystrokes made on a computer – so you can see every message sent and every password used by your child.

Internet monitoring software used in the workplace is designed to protect you from being exploited by your own workforce. It will protect employers from "cyber slackers" – workers who spend hours sending personal e-mail messages and surfing the internet – who cost Britain's small businesses almost £ 1.5 billion per year. Research has shown that businesses can lose 15% of their profits to computer abuse. But if you employ PC monitoring software with encryption and security tools you can eliminate the problem. You can prevent employees from accessing websites which you choose to block; catch those who download music and video files in work time; check if they are using unauthorized programs like games programs. A perfect keylogging software will show you every keystroke they make and reveal every email message they send. Network monitoring software can keep surveillance on up to 100 computers at once – and the users will never know because the program remains invisible to them and solely in your control.

Source by Nawaz Shahzad

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