Europe hates memes: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and other critics say EU copyright reform laws will do more harm than good

wikipedia founder jimmy walesStephane Mahe/Reuters

A committee at the European Parliament will vote Wednesday on reformed rules that will address the growing role of online platforms, like Google and Microsoft.
Early signs hint that the committee will secure approval of the rules, which include a mandatory upload filter to protect copyright on online sites like Instagram.
Critics, such as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, say the rules might do more harm than good.

Europe’s attempts to force Google, Microsoft and other tech giants to share revenues with publishers and bear liability for internet content have triggered criticism from internet pioneers ahead of a key vote on Wednesday.

Two years after the European Commission presented plans to reform rules to take into account the growing role of online platforms, a key committee at the European Parliament will vote on the issue.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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