Getting Your Brand Started with Vertical Video Content on IGTV

Getting Your Brand Ready for Vertical Video Content on IGTV

IGTV is the next generation of video that allows marketers to build branded channels with long-form vertical video content. Here’s how to get started with this powerful new app from Instagram.

Instagram released IGTV in late June as the marquee piece of an event in San Francisco. At the time of the release, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom described IGTV as an “evolution” in how people consume digital content.

“It’s time for video to move forward and evolve. IGTV is for watching long-form videos from your favorite creators.”

Kevin Systrom, CEO, Instagram

IGTV has quickly caught the attention of the world’s largest brands. For example, Netflix infamously filmed Riverdale star Cole Sprouse eating a cheeseburger for a full hour, and published it to their IGTV channel. The video quickly earned over 1 million views and thousands of comments.

Here at Shutterstock, we’re eagerly excited to see how IGTV impacts content marketers. We recently presented a webinar to help educate businesses on the practicalities of IGTV. Attendees asked dozens of questions during the presentation and because we couldn’t get to all of them live we wanted to make sure we answered them for you here. The following are answers to 10 of the most frequently asked questions from our IGTV webinar.

1. What’s the difference between watching IGTV on Instagram versus on the dedicated IGTV App?
Getting Your Brand Started with Vertical Video Content on IGTV — IGTV In and Out of Instagram

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There’s very little difference between viewing the content within your Instagram app or directly on the IGTV app. IGTV is designed as a standalone app on both iOS and Android-powered devices. But you can also enjoy the full experience in the Instagram app. The only difference is how you personally prefer to consume content.

However, one key differentiator to keep in mind is the type of content you create. IGTV is exclusively designed for vertical video content, which appeals to viewers by eliminating the need to turn the phone 90 degrees. Content published to the main Instagram app can be either vertical or horizontal in design.

2. Is an existing instagram account required to download or access the IGTV App?

Individual users have direct access to IGTV through their Instagram accounts. At the top of any Instagram news feed is a colorful TV icon. Tap the icon to automatically enter the IGTV app. You can start browsing through vertical video content published by your favorite followers. You can also select from the suggested content creators recommended by the app based on your personal tastes and interests.

If you’d prefer, you can directly download the IGTV app to your mobile device without using Instagram. Access the App Store or Google Play and search for IGTV. When you find the app, download it to your device.

3. Would you recommend shooting IGTV video on a smartphone or with a higher quality camera?
Getting Your Brand Started with Vertical Video Content on IGTV — Smartphone vs DSLR Camera

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There are pros and cons to shooting vertical video content on your smartphone or with a professional camera, such as a DSLR. The good news is that you can create the content on any type of device.

Most smartphones developed in the last decade include screen aspect ratios of 16:9. If the device is held vertically, which is how most people hold their phones, the aspect ratio becomes 9:16. Those dimensions perfectly align with IGTV’s dimensions when creating vertical video content. However, videos often appear shaky when shot on a smartphone. If you’re creating content for your brand, you may require time and resources to edit the video in post-production.

If you use a DSLR camera, you’ll need to rotate the camera 90 degrees to shoot vertical video content. Most DSLR camera aspect ratios are 3:2, but turning the camera 90 degrees creates a 2:3 aspect ratio. Professional cameras will capture the subject of the content as well as the backgrounds in clear, crisp styles. There’s also a reduced likelihood of shaky or grainy looking video, which is very important for brand marketers. But even rotated 90 degrees, DSLR aspect ratios don’t completely align with IGTV dimensions. That means you’ll need to edit the content in post-production.

You also have the option to shoot horizontally on a smartphone. But, that means you’ll require software to rotate the content 90 degrees without sacrificing quality.

4. Which software is best to edit and upload vertical video content?

There are a handful of free video editing applications to help you format your content for IGTV. If you’re on a budget, you can use free apps like iMovie on Apple devices or OpenShot, VideoPad, or Movie Maker on non-Apple devices.

There are also many professional solutions that will help you adhere to your brand’s standards. Examples such as Wondershare Filmora or Corel VideoStudio are excellent options to edit your vertical video content for publication. You can also use service solutions like Shutterstock Custom with access to an in-house team of production specialists trained in the shooting and editing of high-quality vertical video.

5. Can you upload videos to IGTV from a desktop computer instead of a smartphone?

The short answer is, yes. You can upload vertical video content for IGTV from your desktop computer. However, in this instance, you will require access to an Instagram account. You’ll need to enter your Instagram account from your desktop and upload to IGTV using your profile.

6. Does content expire on IGTV, similar to Instagram Stories?

Instagram encourages users to create IGTV content that can permanently live on the channel. There is no 24-hour ephemeral period, as with Instagram Stories, which means your IGTV videos will remain on your channel indefinitely.

On a side note, you can also make your Instagram Stories permanent. The Instagram Stories Highlights and Archive feature allows users to curate and pin top performing Instagram Stories on the profile. The content will no longer disappear after 24 hours if it’s saved to the archive.

7. How does IGTV consider your channel a small business account or a large business account?
Getting Your Brand Started with Vertical Video Content on IGTV — Differences in Small and Large Accounts

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The parameters for moving from a small business account to a large business account lie entirely with the number of people who follow the account.

Instagram considers accounts small-scale when the brand or influencer has fewer than 10,000 followers. Managers of these accounts can upload IGTV videos up to 10 minutes in length. The minimum required time for videos to live on IGTV is 15s. However, Instagram constitutes a view as someone who watched 3 seconds of an IGTV video.

A channel qualifies as a large business account when the follower count surpasses 10,000 people. When your brand is classified as a large business account, you are permitted to publish vertical video content up to 60 minutes on IGTV.

8. Are there particular industries that benefit from IGTV?

IGTV is touted as a natural extension of your Instagram experience. It offers the opportunity to tell deeper, richer stories through long-form content. This allows viewers of the content to learn more about your brand, products, or services in a seamlessly engaging experience.

As a modern TV channel, it makes sense to approach IGTV from a mindset where the objective is to educate and entertain. Since the channel is still fresh and only publicized for the past month, it’s still too early to say if there are certain industries that will benefit over others. However, you can keep an eye on the success stories section of the Instagram Business website for updates.

9. Have there been early examples of brands that use IGTV?
Getting Your Brand Started with Vertical Video Content on IGTV — Early Successes

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Some of the earliest adopters of IGTV include several of the world’s largest brands. The Netflix example with Cole Sprouse earned 1 million views, and other large brands have generated engaging metrics of their own.

National Geographic debuted on IGTV with a 47-minute documentary called “One Strange Rock: Home.” The content featured astronaut Peggy Whitson and was narrated by actor Will Smith. Warby Parker published vertical video content showcasing people wearing Warby Parker glasses and explaining, in detail, why they love the frames. The content is tagged under the #WearingWarby series.

10. What are metrics to measure performance of IGTV content?

The most common metric for analyzing performance on IGTV is views. Many brands are recycling content posted in past Instagram updates in order to expand their reach and visibility to new audiences. For example, Gucci debuted on IGTV by republishing every runway presentation of their products dating back to 2015. This helped the Gucci brand acquire over 400k new views of their content.

Currently, IGTV does not allow brands to publish ads onto the channel. However, this roll-out was very similar to Instagram Stories, which initially prevented brands from publishing ads to their Stories. This restriction was removed several months after Stories were live, and it’s expected that IGTV will follow a similar path in due time.

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