Hoodia Shakes – Making Your Own Hoodia Shake As Your Effective Appetite Suppressant

Hoodia gordonii is a natural and powerful appetite suppressant that became popular since it was introduced in the market in 2004. Protein powders also have appetite suppressing abilities and proven by dieters to be effective. Combining this two will create a powerful supplement that can stop hunger faster and effectively. Hoodia shake products are composed of hoodia gordonii and protein powder.

Hoodia shake products are great, but it can also be inconvenient. There are only few companies that manufacture them and they tend to be very expensive. You have limited choice on products and flavors that are being offered plus, the dosage of hoodia gordonii present in each measure is only minimal. So some may not experience any results specially dieters that require higher amount of hoodia gordonii.

As some experts say the dosage of hoodia that is recommended from one dieter to another is different. Others may need 2500mg to 3000mg for it to work while some may only need 750mg to 1500mg. Hoodia shakes contain a dosage of 550mg or less for every measure of it. Good new is you can make your own protein shakes with hoodia in it.

If you can’t find what you’re looking on the hoodia shakes that are being sold, then it is best to make your own protein shake. With this you can choose the type of protein you can use, the flavors that you want and you can even choose the dosage of hoodia gordonii to be added in your shake. There are different flavors available for protein powders such as vanilla, chocolate, fruit flavors and a lot more!

So here are the steps in creating your own protein/hoodia shake:

o Pick your favorite protein powder. Choose the type and the flavor.

o Buy a high quality hoodia diet capsule. Make sure that this product contains 100% pure authentic hoodia gordonii. No other added ingredients just hoodia gordonii.

o Choose the right dosage of hoodia, some may need a lower dosage than usual because protein powder also contains appetite suppressing agents.

o Add one scoop of your favorite protein powder to a glass of water or low-fat milk.

o Pull apart the capsules and add its powder to your glass and mix it, add ice if you want and then blend it. You can also add fruits if you want to.

o Enjoy your own protein shake.

And there you have it, your own special hoodia shake. The advantage in making your own shake is that you can choose on how much protein powder and hoodia you want to add. You can even add fruits or even fiber for additional appetite suppression, so it is all up to you.

Source by Clara Caverline

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