How to Satisfy a Woman No Matter How Fast You Come!

Are you a one minute man who comes too quickly in bed?

You may feel guilty and shameful.

You may feel like it is end of the world.

However, one thing’s for sure: you are not alone. According to BBC News UK, it is estimated about 40% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. While it is not a life threatening disease, premature ejaculation is not easy to cure. However, do not let this beat you down easily. In this article, you will learn how to satisfy any woman, no matter how fast you ejaculate.

Understanding women

Do you know that more than 60% of women can’t reach orgasm during intercourse? Besides, more than 40% of women reported that they consistently reached orgasm via oral stimulation (Source: The Hite Report). Thus, if your penis size is small or you come too quickly, you can still give her great climax via oral sex. Once she reaches orgasm, it doesn’t matter to her how long you last as she already receive her pleasure, which mean less pressure on your side. In addition, if you are willing to go down on her, it will make her feel loved and appreciated.

Step by step guide to explosive oral pleasure

#1. First of all, as you will be using your hands a lot, clean them thoroughly. Apply generous amounts of lotion to keep them smooth. In addition, trim your fingernails.

#2. Take a hot shower together. Then, give her an erotic massage to make her relax and turn her on. During the massage, lightly touch her clitoris as though you are barely scratching the surface.

#3. Very gently flip her pubic hair. Let her feel the warmth in your hand.

#4. Stroke your tongue around her perineum and labia in slow motion. Gently kiss the areas

#5. Lick her clitoris in a capital “M” motion. At the same time, keep stimulating her perineum and labia with your fingers.

#6. When she is getting excited, gradually increase your speed to boost the sensation.

Source by C.Y. Lai

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