If You Remember This Car From Your Childhood, Good News You Can Drive It As An Adult

When we were children, we had all kinds of toys at our disposal. But perhaps every child’s favorite was their red and yellow Little Tikes car. Riding around in those cars allowed us to pretend that we were well on our way to adulthood. Even kids like to feel the wind in their hair, after all!

Thanks to a company called Attitude Autos, you can relive all of that fun in a real-life version of your very first car. Check it out.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvOSTwPdGAI?autoplay=0]

(via Mental Floss)

If you want to buy this car, you can snag one on eBay for $33,000. But you should probably hurry, since these things take forever to make!

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