Is Hypnosis Real?

As not only an example of the dark possibilities of this ancient art but a persuasive admission of how effective it actually is, there are many stories in the media about robbers using hypnotism to command clerks in stores and banks to simply hand over the cash.

In 2007, two Indian men walked into a store in New Hampshire in and hypnotized a man to give them $1000. In a more famous case featured on BBC News in 2008, a man in Italy committed at least two robberies with similar means, collecting over a thousand dollars each time. In the case of the Italian robberies, the clerks said the last thing they remembered was the robber telling them to look into their eyes. A bank robber in Moldova made off with around 20,000 British pounds until local employers began demanding bank workers avoid eye contact with customers while making transactions.

So is hypnosis real?

These cases certainly seem to suggest so; however, the actions of these dishonest

few also raise unsettling issues about what these skills can do if they fall into the wrong hands. Like all sources of human power, it can be used for ill means as well as for good.

But think what these powers could do in the right hands…Think how they could be used for to improve your life and the lives of those around you. There are surely an infinite number of better uses for these techniques than walking into a store and asking someone to give you money, and in fact, wasting these abilities on criminal endeavors suggests a lack of creativity rather than anything about the nature of the arts.

Still, perhaps the question should not ask is hypnosis real. Perhaps the real question should be–how can we find ways to use hypnosis to benefit not only our own lives but the lives of everyone we come in contact with. True, these are heavy questions for one human to answer, but hypnotism is not always about outright mind control. A lot of what it teaches simply expands on age-old techniques of persuasion and influence that have been used in the business and personal development realms for ages.

Anything in excess or misused has the potential to be dangerous, but the powers of the mind are too valuable to let go completely to waste.

Source by Brian Drummond

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