Mack Weldon joined forces with J.Crew to create smart underwear using new temperature-regulating tech — and it kept me cool during a NYC heat wave

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Direct-to-consumer men’s underwear startup Mack Weldon and J.Crew teamed up to create a new collection of underwear and undershirts using never-before-used technology called Prime Cotton.
Prime Cotton is made of long-staple cotton infused with temperature regulating nylon that actively cools you down as your body temperature rises.
In addition to its temperature regulating properties, the collection is of the same high quality you expect from J.Crew.
I was so impressed with its quality that I wore the undershirt as a normal t-shirt.

In just a few years, Mack Weldon, the direct-to-consumer startup behind the campaign “smart underwear for smart guys,” created a huge fan following and became one of our favorite men’s underwear brands. While a growing group of loyal customers and our praise for everything from its underwear to workout gear should say enough about the brand’s quality, Mack Weldon is continuing to elevate itself by collaborating with J.Crew, a brand consumers have trusted for years.

As its latest crack at collaborative releases, Mack Weldon designed a new collection of underwear exclusively for J.Crew made from never-before-used technology called Prime Cotton.

The newly-innovated material comprises long-staple cotton and temperature-regulating nylon, which is designed to actively cool you down as your body temperature rises. According to J.Crew, Prime Cotton‘s proprietary technology doesn’t exist in any other cotton product. The collection of underwear includes boxer briefs and trunks for $28, button-fly boxers for $32, and undershirts in crewneck and V-neck for $38.

Beyond its temperature regulating ability, Prime Cotton is special because it lives up to the timelessness and luxe factor we’ve come to expect from J.Crew. The material draws inspiration from soft ribbed cotton undergarments men have worn and loved for generations, while staying on-par with the more technical materials that are lightweight, breathable, and stretchy.

As a fan of Mack Weldon’s underwear and J.Crew’s apparel, I was excited to try the brands’ collaboration. They sent me boxer briefs and a crewneck to test out, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that even as two of my personal go-to brands, they were better than I expected them to be. The ribbed cotton was soft and stretchy as opposed to feeling compressive and technical, and the underwear held up well against New York City’s 100-degree weather. The Prime Cotton Collection really gives men the ability to bring their underwear to the same level of quality they uphold for clothing without resorting to performance undergarments worn by athletes.

If you’ve worn any other variation of Mack Weldon boxer briefs, you’ll find that the overall fit of Prime Cotton boxer briefs is the same. They feature a covered waistband, so it won’t roll or dig into your waist, and the legs are designed to stay in place, not ride up. Targeted mesh zones, one of my favorite parts of the Mack Weldon Silver Boxer Brief, don’t exist on the J.Crew pair because the entire Prime Cotton material is light and airy. Initially, I thought it’d be a feature I’d miss, but I actually prefer the ribbed cotton over breathable sections from the Silver Boxer Brief. 


I wore the crewneck separately on a different day where the temperature reached about 95 degrees. When I took the Prime Cotton Crewneck out of the packaging, I was surprised at how well made the shirt was, especially for something marketed as an undershirt. It was soft against my skin and the ribbed cotton design looked good enough to wear as a normal t-shirt, which I happily did. Once again, I stayed cool and managed to get through the day without wanting to peel the shirt off as soon as I was back inside. The material wasn’t too thick, nor was it unsatisfyingly thin. 

In the past, I’ve talked about the brand’s relatively high prices being well worth it, and the J.Crew x Mack Weldon Prime Cotton Collection is yet another example to drive the point home. Yes, $28 to $32 for underwear and $38 for an undershirt may seem like a lot, but you’ll see immediate and long-term value. The comfort and temperature regulating technology are attributes you’ll appreciate on your first wear, while their ability to outlast cheaper underwear will save you money over time. 

The J.Crew x Mack Weldon Prime Cotton Collection proves that direct-to-consumer brand can find success with traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, and transversely, that heritage brands can push the envelope in innovation without completely disconnecting from core consumers. Whether you’re a fan of J.Crew, Mack Weldon, or both, I strongly recommend giving the new technology a try. I’m not saying you should replace all your underwear and undershirt at once, you’ll definitely want more after your first few pieces.

Shop the Mack Weldon Prime Cotton Collection exclusively at J.Crew here.

Check out the individual pieces, below:

J.Crew x Mack Weldon Prime Cotton Boxer Briefs

$28, available in six colors on J.Crew

J.Crew x Mack Weldon Prime Cotton Trunks

$28, available in three colors on J.Crew

J.Crew x Mack Weldon Prime Cotton Button-Fly Boxers

$32, available in three colors on J.Crew

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