My Favourite Canadian Brands III

I think after six months since my last post about my favourite Canadian lingerie brands, it’s due time to add a third instalment to the list! I’m really excited to show you these designers because not only is their work beautiful, but unlike the other two lists, the majority of these designers are not from Toronto. I love Toronto and its talented designers, but it’s time to show beautiful garments from other parts of the country. I also apologize for not posting more, I started an internship at the beginning of the month and that’s been taking up a lot of my time. I’ve been so exhausted that it’s been hard for me to update the blog, but I have a lot of posts in the works to be uploaded soon! If you have any preferences for what you like to see on here, let me know in the comments.If you want to read the other two lists, check them out here and here! Anyhow, here’s the lingerie!Thief & BanditThief & Bandit raw silk kimono.Starting off the list is Halifax-based, Thief & Bandit whose gorgeous prints leave me swooning. I think they’re the first Nova Scotia based designer I’ve featured on here, and they’re a good one to start off with! Like quite a few of the brands I mention on my blog, they not only make intimate apparel, but ready-to-wear garments and jewellery for men, women, and children. T&B creates pieces using only organic fabrics that they hand-print in house using giant silk screens on jersey. They’re a self proclaimed "slow fashion" brand, and they’re making beautiful garments while doing it. Ohhh Lulu Ohhh Lulu pink doe bralette.I love a good whimsical print, especially in such an unexpected place like lingerie. This is what has drawn me to Ohhh Lulu, an Orillia-based brand, that makes lingerie and accessories, along with lingerie patterns for sewers. Ohhh Lulu has a large assortment of lingerie for sale on their Etsy shop, and the overarching theme of their line seems to be comfortable shapes, soft fabrics, but still pretty enough to feel special. The brand launched in 2010 after creator and head designer, Sarah Norwood, after studying at George Brown College in Toronto. Norwood still has a very hands-on approach to her brand, every piece is cut, crafted, and packaged by her. I think that adds a nice charm to the brand, I love knowing how much care has gone into a garment. Norwood also teaches sewing classes to adults and children when she’s not making lingerie. RetroFolieRetroFolie art nouveau corset. Sometimes I’m a bit of a space-case, and that must be the reason for why I’m only now writing about RetroFolie, a brand that I’ve been following and admiring for quite some time. Their main focus is corsetry, but they also make skirts and dresses with the same beautiful fabrics they use for their corsets. The standout collection for me is their fine art collection, corsets using prints from famous paintings over various movements. Their Venus Rococo corset has been on my wishlist for a long time. Retro Folie is based in Montreal and was founded in 2013 by Julianne Coriandoli, who uses corsetry as a medium to express her love of fine art. Coriandoli studied history at the University of Quebec to further understand historical garments and art prior to starting her business. By CATALFO By CATALFO blue and white Capri print robes.While they don’t make lingerie, Toronto-based By CATALFO does make some gorgeous loungewear, so I thought I’d include them on the list. By CATALFO is the brainchild of Sarah Catalfo who wanted to create a place for bridesmaids and brides to go to for bridal fashion, including robes for hair and makeup on the big day. Along with their ready-to-wear collection featuring gorgeous print, solid, and lace robes, dresses, and boyfriend shirts, they also takes custom orders. By CATALFO offers customers a highly personalized custom experience, creating garments truly to the client’s specifications. Alongside By CATALFO, Sarah’s work has been seen on red carpets, in magazines, and on television. La Belle FairyLa Belle Fairy antique coutil fabric Victorian corset.Another corsetiere, British Columbia based La Belle Fairy’s pieces drew me in because of how truly antique they look. When I first saw one of their antique inspired corsets, I thought it was the real thing. Of course, they don’t only create antique and vintage looking corsets, they also create pieces using fun prints and textiles for a more modern look. La Belle Fairy’s pieces are made on a six acre chateau in Cranbrook, BC, with deer, elk, and bears roaming in front of the studio window, which truly sounds like a magical experience. Selling pieces has allowed the brand to stay in the countryside and cater to customers all over the world. La Belle Fairy also makes gorgeous petticoats, skirts, and dresses to match their corsets in their little studio.White LabelWhite Label Lili bodysuit. It’s looking that this list has a running theme of brands that not only make lingerie, but ready-to-wear and other garments as well, and Montreal’s White Label is no exception to this rule. Alongside lingerie and loungewear, they make tops, dresses, pants, and swimwear, all of which are very geometric and somewhat androgynous in style. I really like how they play with shapes and textiles in their designs, along with varying levels of sheerness. White Label uses mesh to highlight the body’s curves and structure, adding femininity to their pieces. The brand uses natural and eco-friendly fabrics, mostly in black and white, to convey a minimalist theme across the brand’s lines. Davie & ChiyoDavie & Chiyo Eira camisole and tap shorts. Another bridal brand, this time on the west coast, Davie & Chiyo started in 2008 in Vancouver as a pet project between sisters Fumi and Himi. The sisters both had a passion for everything handmade and wanted to take a go at creating their own handmade goods. They started off with an Etsy shop selling pouches and purses, but quickly found themselves taking orders for custom bags at bridal parties. This gave them the idea to create a line of various bridal goods, and ten years later, Davie & Chiyo has grown into a multi-machine studio with multiple employees creating pieces for the brand. They now create dresses, jewellery, bags, and underpinnings for brides and bridesmaids. They have a few beautiful ranges of lingerie, some of which are reminiscent of vintage styles, and all done in white. But while their lingerie and robes are incredibly lovely, my favourite pieces have to be their garters, which are so, so stunning that it’s a shame that they’re covered up!Inspiration Vintage Inspiration Vintage white panties.Last but not least is Toronto-based Inspiration Vintage, who unlike the other brands on this list who do a little bit of everything, Inspiration Vintage only makes knickers. Every style they make is done in 100% cotton and they’re adorable, which is a nice change from the majority of cotton underwear, which usually look like granny panties (and not in the cute vintage way). When I was working in a lingerie shop a few years ago, I often had people requesting all cotton undergarments because of the breathability of them, and I love how Inspiration Vintage is creating a market for comfortable, breathable underwear that is also adorable. Like their name suggests, Inspiration Vintage takes inspiration from vintage styles (see what I did there?) from the 1950s and 60s, and does it at a fairly reasonable price. Of course, a pair of panties from Inspiration Vintage will cost more than a pack of them at big box stores, but these are ethically made, and much cuter. Also if you’re in Toronto, you can pick up a pair at Gigi’s House of Frills as opposed to ordering online. Let me know what you thought of this list in the comments and what other Canadian lingerie brands you think I should check out!

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