People are fleeing San Francisco’s housing market for sunny SoCal — here are 10 ways they compare according to people who have lived in both

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People are getting more and more fed up with San Francisco’s crazy-high housing prices.

The city’s always tight housing market has only gotten even more competitive as people migrate across the globe to land jobs in the growing and high-paying tech industry.

A recent survey conducted by public-relations firm Edelman revealed that about half of residents in the Bay Area found the cost of living so insane, they have considered leaving.

And when they do leave, one top place they go is sunny Southern California, or SoCal, where cities like Los Angeles are seeing more Bay Area transplants.

So, how do the two cities compare?

We’ve rounded up 10 comparisons made by people on forum site Quora who have lived in both cities.

1. San Francisco has less of a “show off” culture.
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There’s less of an obsession with self image and more freedom for people to be themselves in San Francisco. 

Women in particular feel less pressure to wear tight clothing and lots of makeup to be attractive.

“There’s a saying that ‘in LA, the poor pretend to be rich; and in SF, the rich pretend to be poor’ and it’s completely spot-on,” said Quora user Li Xuo.

2. People in San Francisco seems to be smarter, or at least more intellectual.
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Not that people in LA really aren’t as smart, said Quora user Irene Avet: The city still attracts top entrepreneurial and business talent.

But the Bay Area’s tech presence has grown exponentially, meaning that there’s a concentration of people who identify as “geeks” in the area, with all the stereotypes of high IQ associated with that.

And it is true that some of the brightest minds in the tech world live in the Bay Area’s Peninsula. 

3. More people in San Francisco are introverted.
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Because of that concentration of brilliant-but-geeky-types, Bay Area residents have a reputation for being more introverted than those in LA.

Meanwhile thanks to the higher concentration of people in the performing arts in LA, people there have a reputation for being warmer and friendlier, or at least more outgoing.

“If I had a make a specific comparison, LA and Dallas are quite similar culturally, while San Francisco and Boston are similar in many ways,” said Li Xuo.

Some Silicon Valley legacies can back this up: Larry Page, cofounder of Google, and Apple’s Steve Wozniak are both introverts.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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