People Imagined What Life Would Be Like In The Year 2000…And Were So Far Off

The people of France thought they could predict the future back in 1901, but now we can confirm that they were certainly not channeling Nostradamus.

It’s always fun to try to think about what the future will hold. Hell, just 10 years ago, I never would’ve guessed that I’d be working from home on my laptop or carrying around an iPhone in my pocket. As much as we think we know what’s in store for civilization in the future, the odds aren’t in our favor when it comes to predicting where we’ll go from here.

People in France were asked to predict what life would be like in the year 2000 over 100 years ago, and their responses were absolutely hilarious. In most cases, they weren’t too far off in terms of what was possible, but the drawings that accompany their responses show some old-world alternatives to many of our contemporary luxuries.

1. One person believed that a machine could make eggs hatch in as little as three seconds.

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2. Everyday heroes, such as firemen, would swoop in and save the day…and I mean that literally.

3. Similar to FaceTime, families could telegraph video to their loved ones.

4. These robotic maids could do the work of up to four human servants.

5. Hunters would take to the sky to catch their prey.

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6. The go-to form of transportation would be these car-spaceship hybrids.

7. They believed that all wild animals would be extinct and the only animals remaining would be housed in zoos.

8. In the classroom, students would hand crank the information into their brains.

9. Sporting events would take on new heights with aerial matches.

10. Scientists would examine microbial creatures with their high-tech projectors.

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11. Tour buses would take you on high-in-the sky tours of your favorite landmarks.

12. Who needs reading when you can listen to the news?

13. These recreational forms of transportation would be a mix of hover boards and rollerblades.

14. Humans were expected to overtake the sea and inhabit it.

15. What’s underwater living without a whale bus?

16. The Olympics would include a whole new series of underwater events.

I’ve been putting off cleaning the house for weeks. I really could use one of those robotic maids. Get it together, 2016!

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