People In China Are Falling In Love With Attractive British Men On The Tube

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1. Dashing British men commuting around London on the Tube have a new set of admirers: people in China.

Weibo / Tubecrush

2. Photos of London commuters, from blogs such as Tube Crush, have been trending on the Chinese blogging site Weibo over the last few weeks.

According to BBC Trending, some photos of the men has been liked and shared over 100,000 times.

3. The people behind Tube Crush — a blog which shares photos of attractive men on the tube — claim that a large proportion of their traffic is in fact driven by people in China.

Weibo / Tubecrush

4. The site’s co-founder, Stephen Motion, told BBC Trending: “The third biggest source of traffic to our website is actually from China.”

Weibo / Tubecrush

5. He added: “The website isn’t blocked in China. It’s fully available in all of the cities. We see most traffic coming from Guangzhou and Shanghai.”

Weibo / Tubecrush

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