Qantas Is Now Serving Alaskan Halibut And Caviar From Abu Dhabi

Australia’s national airline is pulling out all the stops with its new first, business, and premium economy class menus.Yasa caviar tartlet, anyone?

Daniel Munoz / Reuters

Less than two years after introducing a trendy new uniform, Australia’s national airline is again revamping its image, this time with its inflight food service.

Qantas Airways this week unveiled an elaborate new menu for its first, business, and “premium economy” classes, offering caviar, Kingfish ceviche and seared Alaskan Halibut. To wash down these delicacies, the airline is serving a “diverse collection” of Australian wines, nine of which apparently won medals at this year’s Cellars in the Sky Awards.

For long-haul flights, Qantas faces stiff competition both from Asian operators like Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific, and Persian Gulf airlines like Etihad and Qatar Airways. All are known for stellar service and over-the-top luxury aboard their planes, as is Dubai’s Emirates, which entered into a partnership with Qantas in late 2013. Competition, along with rising costs, led to Qantas posting the largest annual loss in its history in 2014, but it is now in turnaround mode, returning to profitability in results announced last week. Qantas stock has risen by more than 80% in the last six months.

Going all out on luxury food options is one way to push back against the world’s best-known luxury airlines. And fliers will need a wide-open checkbook to experience one of the Flying Kangaroo’s Yasa caviar tartlets, with a business-class flight from L.A. to Sydney in mid-April currently going for a little over $8400.

Depending on your appreciation of kingfish ceviche, that could all be worth it. Here’s a look at the lengths to which Qantas is going to offer Americans “a unique Australian experience the second they step on board a Qantas flight,” as a company representative described it to BuzzFeed News.

On flights from North America to Australia, Qantas is offering dinner options including roast duck and egg noodle salad with black fungi, cucumber, sesame, ginger and shallot dressing; or a Kingfish ceviche with chili, lime, corn, cucumber, avocado and tostada. A couple more pictured below:

; and Seared Alaskan halibut with roasted leeks, black olive tapenade and bacon roasted potatoes.

Qantas Airways

Lamb, mint and pea pot pie with tomato relish.

Qantas Airways


There’s also a Yasa caviar tartlet with crème fraîche. Yasa caviar is farmed in Abu Dhabi at Emirates Aquatech “the world’s largest and most advanced aquaculture facility”

And Cape Grim Beef from Tasmania.

Cape Grim Beef / Via

Don’t forget about the wine! Qantas spent more than $15 million last year on more than 250 different Australian wines to serve on board its flights.

Carlos Chavez/Los Angeles Times/TNS

Here’s a sample menu:

Qantas Airways

Here’s to you, Flying Kangaroo!”


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