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RULES: If you violate a rule, your post will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned. Don’t ask questions about your personal chart or ask for a chart reading. If you have a specific question about your own chart, please post in /r/AskAstrologers instead. Don’t post links to your site (or the same site) more than once every 3 days. We would rather see a collection of links to different sites on the front page, rather than just a bunch of links to articles from the same site. Don’t post daily or weekly horoscopes. If you’d like to post horoscopes for the signs, please post in /r/Horoscope instead. Starting new threads about individual zodiac signs is discouraged. Astrology is more complex than just Sun-signs, and we encourage more advanced discussions about the subject in this subreddit. Don’t offer services or free readings. This subreddit is for discussion and learning, not advertising consultations. Don’t ask for life advice based on your zodiac sign. This subreddit is for discussing astrology, not asking for advice based on Sun-signs alone. GUIDELINES

Here are some tips for getting the most out of this subreddit:

Be as specific as you can when you post questions. This will help people understand where you're coming from and provide thoughtful feedback. Provide thoughtful and respectful feedback to others. As this community grows, let's all do our part to keep the content as high quality as we can. Keep an open mind. It's no secret that not all astrologers agree on everything, so expect varied responses and keep an open mind. If someone takes the time to respond to a post or discussion, be grateful for a new perspective and see what you can learn from it. Disagreement is an opportunity for learning. Protect your personal information. Birth information is personal information. Use common sense and be cautious when sharing birth date, time, location, and full name with another person. An alternative to giving someone direct information is to post a screenshot of your chart. Take advantage of our list of resources. We’ve compiled a list of resources if you’re not sure where to start. Be sure to check them out before posting! Read the FAQ before posting. Please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question is included. Skeptics and critics. Not everyone is into astrology, and that's perfectly fine. If you're a curious skeptic here to ask questions and get answers, we welcome you! Healthy discourse is beneficial to all involved, but please post respectfully. Do your research before trying to discount or disprove astrology in a single post. If you’re just here to troll, you’ll be banned. Don’t post a post with only a title and no body text. If your post is a title only, that’s not a very good prompt for discussion and will be removed. Please elaborate on your question or topic in the body text for best results. Never make deals for chart readings over reddit. This should go without saying, but don't pay someone you know nothing about for a chart reading over reddit. While there are some professionals who frequent the site, it's not likely that they would be the ones offering you services through this medium. Be cautious and responsible, and understand that there could be people out there looking to rip you off. The mods of /r/astrology are not responsible for any funds lost to scam artists, though we will do all we can to prevent spams and scams from being posted. Reddit responsibly! Should I post here, or in /r/AskAstrologers?

If your post looks like this:

"I have Saturn in the 8th house, will I be in debt forever?"

Then your post belongs in /r/AskAstrologers. Any question regarding a specific chart placement should be posted there.

If your post looks like this:

"What are your thoughts about Saturn in the 8th house and debt?"

Then your post belongs in this subreddit! Posts about general placements or topics are exactly what this subreddit is for.

The world of astrology gets much bigger as you discover all that lies beyond sun signs. It can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Here’s a list of trusted and recommended resources to help you get started!

RESOURCES is the best place to enter your birth data and get a copy of your natal chart. There are also tons of free horoscopes written by credible professionals such as Rob Hand, Liz Greene, and Robert Pelletier. The AstroClick Portrait option allows you to click on different points in your chart for a brief description of the placement to help you get acquainted with your natal chart. Be aware that while other sites can calculate your chart for you, they’re not always reliable ─ CafeAstrology is popular, but they often miscalculate the chart and give you an inaccurate product. Don’t risk it. Always use! Astrodatabank If you're looking for the birth data for a celebrity or notable individual, Astrodatabank is the most reliable place for accurate information. Maintained by, this collection of birth charts uses the Rodden rating system and cites sources for all data. There are some unreliable sites that claim to have birth data such as accurate birth times for celebrities and notable people, yet do not cite sources, or worse, occasionally make them up completely. Stick with Astrodatabank if you're looking for birth information. Skyscript Skyscript is a great resource for learning basics, and it also has an active forum. There are links to definitions/descriptions of each planet and house right on the home page of the site, as well as a great set of write-ups on each sign. If you're looking to learn the lore of the constellations after which the signs are named, there are articles for that, too. The Astrology Podcast Chris Brennan's weekly astrology podcast is a great resource with over 100 episodes, many of which feature interviews and discussions from professionals in the field. Notable episodes for beginners include The Significations of the Seven Traditional Planets, Learning Astrology and Becoming an Astrologer, and Branches and Traditions of Astrology. The Mountain Astrologer TMA is a well established astrology magazine that releases bimonthly issues. Articles in the magazine cover a range of topics and astrological traditions. You can find TMA at some health food stores and bookstores, or you can subscribe online. Medieval Astrology Guide MAG is the place to go for all things medieval astrology. There's a big selection of articles on everything from finding the real ruler of your chart to astrological magic, as well as an ever-expanding dictionary of definitions. 10 Tips for Learning Astrology If you're getting really intrigued and you want to start learning astrology, this article is a great for finding a starting point. Kelly Surtees’ Beginner Astrology Articles Kelly Surtees has a plethora of articles that are perfect for beginners, such as list of free basics downloads, how to follow the simplest Sun and Moon transits in your chart, and the 3 basic keys to your chart. Frequently Asked Questions

What is astrology? Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial and earthly events.

Does astrology really work? Everyone will have a different answer to this question, so it's best to do the research yourself before forming an opinion. Short answer: yep, it certainly appears to work!

Why doesn't my sun sign sound anything like me? There is much more to astrology than just sun signs. Everyone has every sign in their chart, balanced and emphasized in a unique way. Each planet signifies something specific, and each planet is in a sign, just like the Sun (which determines your "sun sign"). You might be a Pisces, but if you have a strongly placed Mars in Aries, chances are you might feel more like a warrior than a sensitive artist!

I was born on the cusp, what does this mean? It means you were born near the beginning or end of a sign. Since the exact day and time the Sun moves into a sign can vary slightly year to year, the idea that the signs blend together near the cusp was created. This idea took off in pop astrology because it allowed people who didn't know which sign their Sun was in to be able to read about themselves regardless. This was especially relevant before online chart calculations were available. Thankfully, chart calculation tools are now widely available, like the trusted chart calculation site To find out what your Sun sign really is, calculate your chart using an exact birth time. This will clarify which sign the Sun is in so you don't have to rely on the concept of signs blending together. This is also a great first step into learning more about your chart, yourself, and astrology in general!

How do I figure out what my chart says about me?

A great resource for this is Click on AstroClick Portrait to enter your birth information and see an interactive version of your chart! The Free Horoscopes section of the site is also a great resource for getting information about your chart from credible astrologers. The time of day you were born has a huge impact on your birth chart. If possible, find your birth certificate and use the recorded birth time in all your astrology ventures. Word of mouth and family memory is notoriously unreliable, so do your best to find accurate information yourself! If you don't have an accurate birth time, focus more on planets in signs and aspects between planets, and don't worry about houses for now. The most ideal way to find out what your chart says about you is a consultation with a professional astrologer. Feel free to ask for a referral here or in /r/AskAstrologers, but ALWAYS do your research before paying anyone to read your chart. Never make deals for a chart reading over reddit.

There are actually 13 signs, NASA said so. What do you have to say for yourself? So here's the thing. Ophiuchus, the "13th sign", is a constellation. Signs and constellations are not the same thing. Constellations are named groups of stars which vary widely in size, zodiac signs are equal 30 degree divisions of the ecliptic. While we're at it, astrologers know about the precession of the equinoxes, too, and have the whole time – about 2000 years. The zodiac you're probably most familiar with is the tropical zodiac, whose starting point is anchored on the spring equinox. The sidereal zodiac is anchored on the fixed stars, which shift slowly through time (precession). Neither zodiac perfectly lines up with the constellations, and neither ever did. So no, there are not 13 signs, and your sign didn't change. This is the short version: please see this long version that expounds the technical details of this topic.

My sidereal sign/chart is totally different. How do I know which one to use? The tropical and sidereal zodiacs are simply two different systems used in two different traditions of astrology. Neither one is better or more correct, but you’ll tend to find more about the tropical/western astrology online. Here’s a good visual representation of the differences between the zodiacs, and here’s a good podcast on the differences between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs, who uses which zodiac, and common debates surrounding the topic.

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