Self Care & Self Love

I read a wonderful article that gave me a whole new obvious perspective on self care and self love. When a mother is pregnant and they offer their body as a vessel for new life, most likely, the mother will provide this growing child with the most loving, caring, nurturing and healthy environment that they possibly can. They now take their physical and mental health very seriously. After all, it has been proven that stress and poor health habits can affect the child's development.

The woman who wrote the article went on to describe her experience of love for something so innocent, something that she has never seen with her eyes yet. During her pregnancy, she made the firm decision to provide her child with the most loving, positive and healthy environment to grow. "self-care should be no less loving than the glowing, giggling, pure and unguarded LOVE you would give to a sweet and innocent baby." – Heaven Leigh

That was my favorite quote!

When there is an innocent child., counting on you to provide the proper environment in order for it to grow into a healthy human being, you will most likely treat with your body, mind, and soul with care. Why not do this now, why not treat your body and mind with absolute unconditional love right now? There is an energy within you, a glowing, giggling, joyous, celebrating, passionate energy waiting to express. When you take care of your physical health, mental health and spiritual growth, you are providing this energy with the environment, with the vessel it needs to express.

With unconditional love. Cameron Dube HUMBOWL



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