Slack’s users roast the app’s new logo

slack new logo

Popular workplace collaboration tool Slack took the opportunity to launch a new logo on Wednesday, and the responses have been, shall we say, interesting.

Evolving from an easily recognizable and four-toned hashtag, Slack has now undergone a somewhat messy-looking “evolution” into something more “cohesive” and recognizable, according to Slack’s official blog on the matter.

Designed by Slack’s in-house brand team as well as Michael Bierut and the Pentagram team, the new logo uses a “simpler” color palette and different shapes entirely. The company consistently ran into issues, it explained, getting its previous logo to look just right. If it wasn’t placed on a white background, it would look off, if it wasn’t tilted properly, or anything like that, it didn’t work.

“It pained us,” read the official Slack blog.

But while the app’s new logo may be more cohesive in terms of branding and advertisement, it’s not quite catching on with ardent, everyday users. Given that Slack is an integral tool for many in-house and remote office workers, it’s something people tend to notice and start talking about—and fast. Social media remains abuzz with thoughts on the new logo.

RIP Slack logo

— òwó (@actual_weeaboo) January 17, 2019

my lukewarm take on the Slack redesign is that I’m tired of corporations trying to convince me that their branding matters in any way and I think that all logos should just be the font from Repo Man

— Jeffrey Moro (@jeffreymoro) January 17, 2019

My (useless) take on the slack logo overhaul is that the old logo could have been restyled to be more sleek and the brand guidelines with the supporting graphics could have been made more unified.

— human female!!! (@kstenflan) January 17, 2019


— ZZ ZZZ(ズズ ズズズ)@アレジゴクゲームス (@arezigoku) January 17, 2019

New Slack logo looks like it's for a public swimming pool

— rik (@riklomas) January 16, 2019

The new Slack logo looks like its for a health insurance or pharma company.

— 𝙱𝚁𝙴𝚃𝚃 (@BrooklynBrett) January 16, 2019

New Slack logo is giving me some very church in a strip mall vibes

— SAL (@sarahannelloyd) January 16, 2019

As some users pointed out, there’s an unfortunate design error with the logo, as well, as the negative space can indeed form a swastika.

Today, Slack learns a valuable lesson on why your project/business just shouldn't go with a pinwheel design.

— Dalton Martin (@BadLuckKuma) January 16, 2019

not sure i'm gonna get over the fact that the new slack logo has distinct swastikality

— jordan t. thevenow-harrison (@jtth) January 17, 2019

So I'm guessing the Slack design team just finished watching s2 of BIG MOUTH

— alex䷰dante (@alexdante) January 17, 2019

Not only is the logo dividing users, but it’s also gotten in the way of the app’s functionality. Previously, a Slack notification while using the tabbed version of the desktop app gave you a nice large, red dot to let you know you’d been pinged. It was easy to spot and immediately simple to see if someone had been trying to communicate with you.

The new logo’s notification dot is much smaller, and barely perceptible in the tab, meaning the overall change is, at least for some users, a step backward.

Why did you make the message notification dot smaller? I can barely see notifications now if Slack is tabbed when using the browser version. Terrible. The white dot looks awful there and when it turns red it doesn't even stand out.

— Brittany Vincent (@MolotovCupcake) January 16, 2019

Slack responded that this was something the company would “point out to the team.”

We see what you mean! Things will take time to settle, but we'll point this out to the team.

— Slack (@SlackHQ) January 16, 2019

It looks like Slack and its legions of users will be in for some substantial growing pains as everyone adjusts to the change.

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