US businesses and consumers could be the ‘prisoners’ of Trump’s trade fight with China

July 13, 2018

Getty Images/Pool A trade war has been brewing between the US and China. The White House has said the US would have an edge over China in a trade war. But economists think China has more room to negotiate.  The White House has asserted the US has the whip hand in a tariff fight between the world’s largest economies — with a senior economic adviser saying “it’s clear China has…


Trump’s burgeoning trade war with China is already affecting car manufacturers in the US

July 10, 2018

Mercedes-Benz Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, said profit would fall in 2018 as new import tariffs on cars exported from the United States to China. The company said the tariffs would hurt sales of high-margin Mercedes-Benz sports utility vehicles. Daimler’s revised forecast comes as U.S. President Donald Trump is proposing to impose tariffs on imported vehicles on grounds that trade imbalances on many products threaten U.S. national security. He is separately…