Gas prices could soar even though OPEC is going to start pumping out a lot more oil

July 11, 2018

Joe Raedle/Getty Images OPEC raised production levels, but oil prices are still rising.  Gas prices could rise as a result. Nearly everyone expected the OPEC+ decision to start raising oil production on Friday, with U.S. drivers excited to get some relief from high gas prices at the start of driving season. While OPEC did indeed announce the expected decision, oil prices jumped and they look unlikely to trend downward any…


The Supreme Court just issued a major ruling on how online retailers can charge sales tax. Here’s what it means for Amazon. (AMZN)

July 2, 2018

Getty/Rick T. Wilking The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of South Dakota in Wayfair vs. South Dakota on Thursday. The decision paves the way for states to collect sales tax on online purchases that cross state lines, even if the retailer does not have a physical presence in that particular state.  It likely won’t have a big impact on Amazon, as the US’ largest e-commerce retailer already charges sales…