Two protesters arrested over Heathrow drone threat

Flights operate as normal after climate activists ‘blocked by signal-jamming technology’ Two people have been arrested as protesters attempted to fly drones near Heathrow to highlight the role air travel plays in the escalating climate emergency. Activists attempted to launch the first drone at about 3am within the airport’s three-mile (5km) exclusion zone but they said the authorities used jamming technology to prevent it taking off. Continue reading… Original Article…

September 14, 2019

Australia launches emergency relocation of fish as largest river system faces collapse

There are doubts the Noah’s Ark plan for the Lower Darling will be enough to prevent more mass fish kills Faced with a looming ferocious summer with little rain forecast, the New South Wales government has embarked on a Noah’s Ark type operation to move native fish from the Lower Darling – part of Australia’s most significant river system – to safe havens before high temperatures return to the already…

September 11, 2019

‘Sea-borne invasion’ of wild boar swamps mystical Malaysian island

Fishermen report seeing ‘snouts in the dark’ on Malacca Strait, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes A mystical Malaysian island is grappling with a “sea-borne invasion” of wild boar, which some believe are swimming kilometres across one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes before destroying crops. “The sea-borne invasion of wild boars leaves us in despair as the animal population is increasing,” said Norhizam Hassan Baktee, chairman of the…

September 7, 2019

Stop Sharing Those Viral Photos of the Amazon Burning

August 23, 2019

The hashtag #AmazonRainforest was trending on Twitter Wednesday, with many users outraged that the mainstream media was not sufficiently reporting on the fires that have ravaged the world’s largest rainforest. There are very real fires burning in the Amazon and they do deserve more coverage, but there’s a big problem with this viral campaign: Most of the photos claiming to show the fires are fakes. The Amazon has experienced more than…