Feel Guilty About Selling? WATCH THIS

October 28, 2019

Do You Feel Guilty About Selling? This ONE Subtle Mindset Shift Will Change Your Perspective And Help You Close More Sales. If You Want To Know More Secrets To Close And Scale Your Business, Click Here: http://feelingguilty.danlok.link If you’re not closing the amount of sales you want, or if you get nervous and sweaty palms every time you enter a sales conversation, odds are, you feel guilty about selling. Don’t…


The Death Rattle of White Supremacy

August 6, 2019

Will America finally confront the violent death rattle of white supremacy? Or will it fail to inflict the coup de grâce, allowing the ideology of hate to revive itself into a global movement, with radicalized young men engaged in what they believe is a zero-sum war for survival? Last year, those opening lines might have been dismissed as alarmist rhetoric and hyperbole. We no longer have that luxury. In the…


The science of a happy marriage

July 29, 2019

Have you ever waited with excitement to share some amazingly good news with your partner, only to experience a surge of frustration and resentment when he or she barely reacts to your announcement? As a society, we place a huge amount of emphasis on being there for each other when we’re in need, but past research has actually shown that relationship satisfaction is influenced as much, if not more, by…


Killing of a teen who was listening to rap music should be treated as a hate crime, activists say – CNN

Killing of a teen who was listening to rap music should be treated as a hate crime, activists say  CNNWhite Man Followed a Black Teen Into a Store and Cut His Throat Because His Rap Music Made Him Feel “Unsafe”  Slate MagazineArizona man says he stabbed teenager because he felt ‘threatened’ by his rap music  The Week MagazineElijah Al-Amin remembered as giving, with big dreams for his future  AZCentralPolice say man cut Arizona teen’s…

July 12, 2019