12 Video Ideas to Improve Company Culture

March 10, 2019

Working in HR, it’s easy to feel stretched thin when building a company culture. You’d love to interact with every job candidate and employee, but time, resource, and geographic constraints mean that’s often not possible. Video removes those constraints and makes it possible to reach everyone and build a strong culture. Powerful and flexible, video can promote your company culture anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re targeting candidates, new hires, or seasoned…


Kendall Jenner Opens Up About Her Acne For 10-Year Instagram Challenge

January 20, 2019

As celebrities take to Instagram to post their #10yearchallenge, a viral opportunity for them to brag about how well they’re aging, Kendall Jenner is instead seizing the moment to get real about an issue she’s battled for 10 years: cystic acne. Yesterday on her Instagram Stories, the model posted photos from when she was 13 years old, with cystic acne visible across her forehead, cheeks, and chin. “I was 13…


Kelsey Lu May Be A Classically Trained Musician, But She’s A Rising Fashion Star

October 22, 2018

Before up-and-coming musician Kelsey Lu picks up the phone, I’m told by several articles — as well as the publicist connecting us — that she goes just by Lu. Neither are her real name. Kelsey McJunkins grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina to parents who are also musically inclined; her mother a pianist, her father a percussionist. Part Nigerian, part African-American, Lu started her professional career in orchestras, and eventually…