🍅 LIVE: Surprise Guest & Tips on Leggy Seedlings, Thinning Seedlings, Weed Control

October 15, 2019

A surprise guest is joining me LIVE today and we’ll talk about tips for leggy seedlings, thinning seedlings, and weed control! SALE: 25% off all CaliKim Seed Collections and CaliKim SmartPots with the code “calikim25” at https://calikimgardenandhome.com. Sale expires Monday, September 30, 2019, midnight, PT. Digital table of contents: #1 #2 #3 My new book: Organic Gardening for Everyone: Homegrown Vegetables Made Easy will be released in December, 2019. Pre-order…


Prince George scores the Duchess of Cambridges’s Chelsea Flower Show garden 20 out of 10 – Daily Mail

May 22, 2019

Prince George scores the Duchess of Cambridges’s Chelsea Flower Show garden 20 out of 10  Daily MailKate Middleton supported by Prince William, Sophie Wessex and the Queen at Chelsea Flower Show – best pictures  HELLO!Chelsea Flower Show: When does the flower show end? How long is it on for?  ExpressFlower power! Duchess of Cambridge is radiant in Erdem frock at the Chelsea Flower Show  Daily MailRoyal REVELATION: How Africa is Prince William’s ‘real love…


A Room-by-Room Guide to Using Crystals for the Home

May 21, 2019

Our homes are deeply personal spaces. They reflect our personality and our interests, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they reflect our energy as well. When there’s tension between people in the home, the home energy feels tense. When you’re sad or grieving, the home holds the space of that darkness. And when your mind is cluttered with chaotic thoughts, disarray will often manifest within the home as well. That’s…


How to create an outdoor cinema in your back garden

May 18, 2019

Outdoor cinema screenings are big news this summer, but if you’ve not managed to get tickets to the open-air movie night in your local park, why not host one in your own backyard? It doesn’t have to be expensive – particularly if you can borrow a projector from a friend – and best of all, you’ll get to choose what film to watch. Right, someone pass the popcorn! Love your garden? Visit our garden ideas…


11 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

May 17, 2019

Mosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance you have to endure when you go outdoors, they’re a legitimate cause for health concerns. They buzz around, searching for people or animals to dine on, sucking out their blood and bringing all sorts of diseases and viruses with them, like Zika, malaria and west Nile virus, none of which you’d wish on your worst enemy. But, dousing yourself, and your family, in chemical sprays…


How to Build Raised Garden Beds

April 29, 2019

Cheap Raised Garden Beds You Can DIY The list of reasons for switching to raised vegetable garden beds is long, but these are the main advantages: Tending raised plants is a lot easier on the back and knees. You can fill planters with top-quality soil for more productivity in a smaller space. Raised beds curtail creeping weeds and drifting seeds. The height discourages pests, especially rabbits. Gathering materials for raised…