Why Brands Should Focus on Post-Acquisition to Increase Customer LTV

August 24, 2018

Swrve has spoken to many different companies all over the world, and one thing we’ve noticed, that has become somewhat of a theme and an infinite source of frustration, is a disconnect between teams; user acquisition on one side, and engagement, loyalty and CRM teams (or post-acquisition) on the other. This blog examines what that disconnect is, why it happens, why it is a problem, and what can potentially be…


Gas prices could soar even though OPEC is going to start pumping out a lot more oil

July 11, 2018

Joe Raedle/Getty Images OPEC raised production levels, but oil prices are still rising.  Gas prices could rise as a result. Nearly everyone expected the OPEC+ decision to start raising oil production on Friday, with U.S. drivers excited to get some relief from high gas prices at the start of driving season. While OPEC did indeed announce the expected decision, oil prices jumped and they look unlikely to trend downward any…