The NFL’s controversial new helmet rule was enforced just 4 minutes into the first preseason game of the year

September 2, 2018

NBC The NFL’s new helmet rule got its first test on Thursday during the opening preseason game of the year. Patrick Onwuasor was called for illegal use of helmet after leading with his head to bring down Bears running back Benny Cunningham. The rule has caused confusion across the league, with officials and teams alike unable to clarify what is a penalty. Football fans didn’t have to wait long to…


3 Sports Bras for Big Boobs That Actually Work

August 16, 2018

Is going out for a run, getting into a downward dog, or doing burpees, jumping jacks, and box jumps a pain in the chest? That uncomfortable bouncing is a sign that your sports bra is not supportive enough—something that can not only hold you back during your workout, but can also be bad for your boobs. Without good support, breasts move up and down during a workout, which overtime can…


Can An Heiress Be Self-Made? Paris Hilton Thinks So

August 14, 2018

Welcome to Refinery29’s weeklong exploration of women and greed in an era of enormous wealth inequality. Where does need end and greed begin? Read on. Last month, Paris Hilton found herself in a familiar position, standing in front of a crowd of goading paparazzi decked out in bejeweled sunglasses and a shiny silver mini dress. But the conversation they were having was certainly not familiar to those who may think…


Life On The Edge With Jimmy Chin

August 9, 2018

Conrad Anker, Bugaboos, British Columbia, Canada. When someone talks about Jimmy Chin hanging around, it’s usually in reference to him on some dizzying cliff, camera in hand. And that’s exactly where the Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based photographer, filmmaker and mountain sports athlete wants to be. At the dawn of the 21st century, his ability to capture extraordinary imagery while climbing and skiing in extremely high-risk environments came to the attention of…


The most valuable venture-backed startups in all 50 states

July 2, 2018

Michael Cohen/Getty Images for The New York Times Venture capital-backed companies based out of California are usually recognizable. But what can get lost in the mix are the companies based throughout the rest of the country. VC research firm Pitchbook compiled every state’s most valuable VC-backed startup into an interactive graphic.  We assembled all 50 startups, including that of Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. Take a look below for most…