The Right Way To Teach A Child To Shoot

October 21, 2019

teach a child to shoot I love my kids. The energy they bring to our home, the warm embraces I receive every morning when they wake, and the joy of watching them learn and grow. All of these things make life beautiful. I want them to grow up knowing the Lord, following God, valuing life, to be handy with a shovel, able to use a tractor … and a crack…


Toys “R” Us Is Coming Back, but With a Twist! — Here’s What We Know

July 21, 2019

Update — More information about when Toys “R” Us is coming back and what shoppers can expect, is beginning to trickle in. Its parent company, Tru Kids Brands, announced that its partnering with b8ta, an experimental retail model, to bring reimagined Toys “R” Us stores to US kids and families. So, what will this look like? Expect to enter a playground-like space where you can actually interact with the season’s…


100 Fun Activities To Do On School Holidays

June 29, 2019

Tired of hearing “I’m bored Mum”?  Well, here are just a few suggestions of fun things to do on school holidays! 1. Have a kids MasterChef competition at home. Keep meals simple – something such as pizza (just the toppings for little kids) is perfect. This works especially well if the kids have a few friends over. Have a competition as to who makes the best pizza – you can…


Your Favorite DIY Projects For Homeschoolers

June 8, 2019

Looking for some DIY projects for homeschoolers? You’ll have a lot to choose from in this roundup of easy craft projects for kids! RELATED: 20 Fun And Fascinating Science Projects For Kids Of All Ages In this article: Pipe Cleaner CraftsLava Lamp for KidsDIY SnowflakesMaking Handmade PaperDIY Felt Activity BoardLight-up Cave of WondersSolar OvenDIY ThermometerCrystal Eggshell GeodesDIY RobotsHow Plants Absorb WaterBackyard GeyserDIY Art JournalDIY Soda RocketsSelf Inflating BalloonDIY WormeryTabletop Dinosaur…


20 DIY Summer Games To Entertain Kids This Weekend

May 29, 2019

Help yourself to these DIY summer games to make your outdoor activities and parties more fun and entertaining for kids and adults alike! RELATED: 51 Fun Summer Activities You Can DIY! In this article: DIY Backyard BowlingDIY Backyard Ker-Plank GameDunk BucketBean Bag Ladder TossDIY Mud RunBlanket RunDIY Yard YahtzeeWatch Your StepOutdoor ArtWater Balloon DodgeballFrozen T-Shirt RaceDIY Lawn TwisterDIY Lawn Matching GameGiant JengaRock DominoesIce Block Treasure HuntGiant Ring Toss And Pool…