How a Stroke Can Happen When You’re Young Like Luke Perry

March 28, 2019

Strokes are sometimes referred to as “brain attacks” (instead of “heart attacks”) because they occur when a blood clot blocks an artery or blood vessel, cutting off blood flow to your brain, as opposed to your heart.1 As a result, brain cells die and brain damage can occur. Without proper and timely treatment, a stroke can be lethal. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, an estimated…


Why Done is Better Than Perfect is Now a Broken and Unworkable Philosophy

March 6, 2019

Facebook’s mantra for developers has long been “Move Fast and Break Things.” This idea of doing something, even if it’s not ideal was also adopted by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, who serves as the tech Oprah for millions of people. Her version of the slogan is “Done is Better than Perfect.” In the startup and “personal brand” worlds, the premise of “just ship it” is dogma so universally embraced that it…


Here’s what the cast of ‘How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World’ looks like in real life

March 3, 2019

DreamWorks/Universal/Getty Images The “How to Train Your Dragon” movie trilogy stars Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Cate Blanchett, Kristen Wiig, and Kit Harington — just to name a few. Warning: Spoilers ahead for the first two “How to Train Your Dragon” movies. The beloved “How to Train Your Dragon” trilogy comes to an end with the third installment, “The Hidden World,” arriving in theaters on Friday. Based on a book series…


Top 12 Tips to Strengthen Gratitude

February 17, 2019

30 Tips in 30 Days Designed to Help You Take Control of Your Health This article is included in Dr. Mercola’s All-Time Top 30 Health Tips series. Every day during the month of January, a new tip will be added that will help you take control of your health. Want to see the full list? Click here. Keeping a written record of the things you’re thankful for is good for…


The Power of Purpose: How Taking a Stand Helps Brands to Win Customer’s Hearts (and Business)

February 3, 2019

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year in the U.S., with more than 116 million people hitting the shops in search of a great deal. But REI, an outdoor clothing and equipment brand, does Black Friday differently to other retailers. For the fourth year in a row, REI closed its doors on Black Friday 2018, giving every one of its 12,000 employees the day off to enjoy…


Chrysanthemum Tea Helps Soothe Your Senses and Promotes Optimal Health

January 28, 2019

Table of Contents What Is Chrysanthemum Tea? 7 Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea Does Chrysanthemum Tea Have Caffeine? How to Make a Perfectly Brewed Cup of Chrysanthemum Tea How to Store Chrysanthemum Tea Potential Side Effects of Chrysanthemum Tea Make Sure You’re Using Only Organic Chrysanthemum Tea Chrysanthemum Tea FAQs For some people, chrysanthemums — also known as mums — may be nothing more than a hardy flowering plant commonly…


Why You Should Switch Over To Magnetic Eyelashes In 2019

December 19, 2018

Think about all the times you unlocked your phone to ask Google a question this year: When does Crazy Rich Asians release in theaters? How old is Noah Centineo? Where is the nearest bar? Those were just a few generic things we typed into the search bar this year, but Google is also our favorite know-it-all when it comes to specific beauty questions, like “how to re-create Ariana Grande’s ponytail…


Trump’s Body Language Reveals How He Feels About Journalists, Especially Women Of Color

December 5, 2018

President Trump has never made his contempt for the press a secret. In recent weeks, as the country has seen multiple mass shootings, a groundbreaking midterm election, and devastating wildfires, the president has used his platform to hammer home his belief that the greatest threat facing America is the “Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People.” At a press conference last Wednesday, after the midterm election results revealed…


Yes, the Open Office Is Terrible — But It Doesn’t Have to Be (Ep. 358)

December 4, 2018

Feeling stressed from working in a noisy open office? Tell your boss that working from home increases worker productivity by 13 percent! (Photo: MaxPixel) It began as a post-war dream for a more collaborative and egalitarian workplace. It has evolved into a nightmare of noise and discomfort. Can the open office be saved, or should we all just be working from home? Listen and subscribe to our podcast at Apple…


New Yorkers are freaking out about the subway system as reports of Amazon’s plan to pick Long Island City for HQ2 emerge (AMZN)

December 2, 2018

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan Amazon’s reported plan to bring HQ2 to New York City is raising questions about the city’s subway system. Seattle has struggled to adjust to Amazon’s super-sized presence in the city when it comes to commutes, with drivers spending an average of 55 hours in traffic in 2016.  Many New Yorkers expressed fears that Amazon’s HQ2 move would create more problems, though others expressed hope that Amazon CEO…