Hey, Dancers! Here’s How to Be Your Own Valentine

March 14, 2019

If you haven’t followed through on your New Year’s resolution to practice more self-care, then Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to start. Below, we rounded up the best ways to pamper, indulge, and heal everything from your muscles, to your skin, to your mind. Your body (and your dancing) will thank you. Mind Write down a list of affirmations (positive statements or phrases, like “I can nail my pirouettes,”…


When Your Anxiety Makes You Superstitious

December 17, 2018

Before I traded khakis for sweats and office mates for a cute dog at my feet to be a work-at-home parent, I worked as an office manager for a medical program. I remember my anxiety very vividly the first time a coworker saw one of my many superstitious quirks. I was reloading the copier, but before adding new paper to the tray, I took out the few pieces of paper…


The Mental Health Gift Giving Guide from Psych Central

December 11, 2018

Christmas, the biggest gift-giving holiday of them all, will be here in less than a month — which means that gift buying season is currently in full force. Unless you are my sister — who is already done shopping and wrapping — you are probably just now starting to think about what gifts you want give your loved ones. Many people have no idea what to give certain people. Even…


What is brain plasticity and why is it so important?

November 25, 2018

What is brain plasticity and why is it so important? Duncan Banks, The Open University Neuroplasticity – or brain plasticity – is the ability of the brain to modify its connections or re-wire itself. Without this ability, any brain, not just the human brain, would be unable to develop from infancy through to adulthood or recover from brain injury. What makes the brain special is that, unlike a computer, it…


‘Refreshing’! Rose McGowan wants to talk ‘gun problem’ solutions with Trump (without confiscation, bans or nuke threats)

November 23, 2018

After so much anti-gun lunacy coming from the likes of a congressional Dem (and likely presidential candidate) reminding gun owners opposed to confiscation that the government has the nukes, David Hogg with a shark hot take or any number of Hollywood lefties pushing radical gun control measures, actress Rose McGowan tweeted this message for President Trump: Dear .@POTUS I’d like to discuss mental health in America with you. I believe…


Being the “Hot Mess Mom” IRL Isn’t Nearly as Funny as the Movies Make It Seem

October 5, 2018

Editor’s Note: This post is not intended as medical advice. Always consult a medical professional or physician before treatment of any kind. Babble also participates in affiliate commission programs, including with Amazon, which means that we receive a share of revenue from purchases you make from the links on this page. Image Source: Thinkstock I can still remember the shame I felt during my first year of parenthood, when I noticed…


5 Ways to Start the Mental Health Conversation in Creative Industries

A globe-trotting chef and a world-renowned fashion designer, both seemingly at the top of their respective industries. Both dead by suicide within a week of each other. For many of us, the shocking and public deaths of designer Kate Spade and chef Anthony Bourdain sent the sobering message that no matter the professional heights people have reached, it’s impossible to fully know what they are dealing with in private. For…

August 25, 2018

A Failed Society

August 24, 2018

“Imagine there’s no countries, It isn’t hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too, Imagine all the people living life in peace” John Winston Lennon  In college, they graded things on a curve. However, there was a low mark below which none could pass. In society, there is also a minimum indicating that we as a world have failed.  The need for organized violence to enforce…


10 Common Negative Thinking Patterns and How You Can Change Them

August 11, 2018

In India, when training elephants, handlers begin by chaining one of the elephant’s legs to a tree. Over time, they gradually decrease the size of the chain until all it takes is a flimsy string to hold the elephant. It’s not the string that restrains the massive animal. It’s his mind. Your mind limits you in the same way. It can mercilessly pick apart and criticize your every move while chewing on…


If You Drink Your Coffee Black, We Have Some Bad News For You

June 19, 2018

Of all the things about me that could totally justify someone saying, “You know what, Madeline? You’re whacked and you need to leave my home immediately,” I never thought that my love of black coffee would be one of them. But alas, fellow psychopaths, one study is here to drop a bizarre truth bomb on us that has everything to do with what we put in our faces. googletag.cmd.push(function() {…