The ‘Founder’ Of Earth Day Had A Very Dark Secret…He Isn’t The Sanest Person

June 25, 2018

Last week, the world celebrated Earth Day — a time for people to reflect on the environment and the impact humans have on it. Earth Day dates back to the spring of 1970, and most people will tell you that U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson was its creator. A man named Ira Einhorn, however, claims to be the holiday’s real founder. The only issue is that he is a convicted killer….


This Huge Wildfire In Canada Is Surely What The End Of Days Will Look Like

June 22, 2018

If you haven’t heard already, a large swath of northwestern Canada, near Calgary, the energy heartland of the country, is currently in flames. A fast-advancing wildfire is threatening thousands of homes and lives. The images coming from the front line of the fire are absolutely devastating. This is what I imagine the apocalypse will look like… The fire, which started Sunday, has only grown in intensity. So far, it had…


What This Canadian Funeral Home Does Instead Of Cremation Is Pretty Gross

June 18, 2018

Cremation is becoming a popular alternative to burials, not just for the price point, but also because of the environmental impact of modern burials. However, even though cremation is better for the environment overall, the process is not without its drawbacks. For one, cremation releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is one of the gases responsible for climate change. Because of this, a new body disposal…