5 Signs You Have Depression Without Knowing

September 12, 2018

Need help with your or your depression, anxiety or mental health? Get help here – https://betterhelp.com/authenticmentalhealth You can be depressed without even knowing, but how can you seek or get help for depression if you don’t know you’re depressed? Here are 5 Signs You Have Depression Without Knowing. 1. You don’t feel anything 2. You sleep way too much or not at all 3. Moving thinking or talking slowly 4….


5 Signs Of Hypersexual Disorder

September 1, 2018

5 Signs Of Hypersexual Disorder Hypersexual disorder is also known as; Compulsive sexual behavior, Hypersexuality or Sexual Addiction. What is Hypersexual Disorder? It’s an excessive preoccupation with sexual urges, behaviors or fantasies. The sexual urges, behaviors or fantasies are difficult to control, causes you distress or negatively affects your health, relationships, job, education or other parts of your life. Hypersexual Disorder involves a variety of commonly enjoyable sexual experiences such…


Pumpkin 4 Ways: Mask/Scrub/Pancakes/Smoothie | Kendra Atkins

July 27, 2018

Hey guys! Today I am sharing with you four easy ways to use pumpkin and get in the Fall spirit! I’ll show you how to make an easy DIY mask, scrub, yummy pancakes and a healthy smoothie! $10 off coupon to Vitacost http://goo.gl/oRYKX9 Get the organic pumpkin I use here: http://bit.ly/2ep2S5U NOW Maple Syrup http://bit.ly/2dtE3UH Organic Cinnamon http://bit.ly/1VSna7j Pumpkin Pie Spice http://bit.ly/1MQTAIV Manuka Honey http://bit.ly/2cO1XLI Gluten Free Oats http://bit.ly/1I7mto6 Pamela’s…


Gas prices could soar even though OPEC is going to start pumping out a lot more oil

July 11, 2018

Joe Raedle/Getty Images OPEC raised production levels, but oil prices are still rising.  Gas prices could rise as a result. Nearly everyone expected the OPEC+ decision to start raising oil production on Friday, with U.S. drivers excited to get some relief from high gas prices at the start of driving season. While OPEC did indeed announce the expected decision, oil prices jumped and they look unlikely to trend downward any…