Virginia Lee Montgomery’s Abject Whimsy

March 14, 2019

Virginia Lee Montgomery, CUT COPY SPHINX (2018), still, 4K digital video, sound, color, 3:30 min (image courtesy the artist) A blonde ponytail waits alone on an unmade bed. A drilled hole in a blue box reveals a blinking eye. Pliers snap a wire hanger, the hanger’s corner trembling to the sound of windchimes. A cheese Danish is slowly punctured by a prim pointer finger. Welcome to the dreamscape of Virginia Lee…


New York: Raise Funds For Volcano Relief At Throwdown For Guatemala

June 29, 2018

It has been three weeks since Volcán de Fuego erupted just outside Antigua, Guatemala, killing over 110 people with some 200+ still unaccounted for. In total, the devastation wrought by Volcán de Fuego is expected to affect 1.7 million people, many of whom are coffee farmers. In an effort to assist those in this time of need, New York’s Joe Coffee Company has teamed up with Counter Culture to host a…