These 15 GIFs Prove Science Is More Amazing Than Fiction

June 13, 2018

Warning: Don’t try some of these things at home. 1. This is what happens when you cut a water droplet using a superhydrophobic knife on a surface that doesn’t get wet. View this image › Arizona State University/Sploid / Via 2. This is the view from the Soyuz capsule, the spacecraft that takes astronauts to and from the International Space Station (ISS), as it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere. View this…


He Was Attacked By A Shark…And It Ended Up Saving His Life

May 31, 2018

Eugene Finney was expecting an average, run-of-the-mill day at the beach with his girlfriend and kids. But while swimming in the ocean, Finney was struck by a large creature that turned out to be a shark. As he wasn’t seriously injured, he went about the rest of his day as normal. Later that night, he began experiencing horrible chest and back pains and decided to head to the hospital. Finney…