10 Things Nobody Tells You About Clawfoot Bathtubs

May 20, 2019

When we think of clawfoot bathtubs, we think of luxury: deep baths you could spend all day in, with candles (and maybe a glass of Champagne). Aesthetically, we tend to prefer freestanding baths over built-in versions: they feel classic and timeless in any washroom. But there are, we admit, a few practical downsides that could outweigh the positives. If any of the following 10 apply to you, you may want…


Remodeling 101: All About Butcher Block Countertops

May 15, 2019

Warm and accommodating, butcher block is an affordable countertop material with a lot going for it. Maintain them regularly and butcher block countertops will reward you by aging gracefully. But without proper upkeep, they can dull and crack. Are butcher block countertops the right material for you and your kitchen? Read our butcher block counter primer to find out. Above: Good enough for a chef: a butcher-block countertop in the…


Remodeling 101: Why Kitchen Islands Are Ruining America’s Kitchens

April 30, 2019

In her monthly column for the Wall Street Journal, Gardenista editor Michelle tackles matters in interiors (even when her take is controversial: See her piece on embracing a little clutter). In this case, she battles against the kitchen island. Here’s the piece; see the original via the Wall Street Journal. Above: Michelle’s Mill Valley, California, kitchen, with a dining table in place of the island. Photograph by Mimi Giboin for Remodelista, from Kitchen Storage: A Drawer for…


Remodeling 101: The Ultimate Guide to Shiplap, Beadboard, and V-Groove Paneling

When I was growing up, wood paneling was a dirty word. It meant dark, knotty pine (or worse, faux wood) that sucked all the light out of the room. Fortunately such cladding has come a long way. Or, more accurately, happily we’ve revitalized age-old paneling such as shiplap, beadboard, and V-groove. A most versatile design element, today’s wooden paneling or cladding has manifold interior applications. It can be installed vertically to emphasize the height…

April 28, 2019