A British right-wing, anti-immigrant activist backed by Donald Trump Jr and Steve Bannon has been let out of prison

August 23, 2018

Tommy Robinson, a right-wing activist supported by Donald Trump Jr. and Steve Bannon, was granted bail from a British court on Wednesday. Robinson is a right-wing, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, and pro-free speech activist. He was sentenced to 13 months in prison after streaming on Facebook Live an ongoing court trial where reporters were banned from tweeting or recording. Donald Trump Jr and Steve Bannon have both expressed their support for Robinson…


Trump calls the European Union, Russia, and China ‘foes’ of the US

August 13, 2018

Screenshot via CBS President Donald Trump named the European Union as a “foe”, along with Russia and China. When CBS News host Jeff Glor asked him to identify his “biggest foe globally right now”, Trump said the European Union, as well as Russia “in certain respects” and China “economically”. Trump’s comments double down on his criticism of NATO member countries at last week’s summit. President Donald Trump called the European…


Celebs Have Been Loving This Easy, Breezy Braid Trend All Summer

July 22, 2018

Aside from a production like the Met Gala, or the elaborate glam common for an award show like the Oscars, it seems like celebrities are taking it easier and easier when it comes to beauty this summer. Jhené Aiko, Zendaya, and Rihanna are among the stars who are so chill, they even do their own makeup and hair touchups for events and shows. With these lax vibes, it’s only right…


Meghan Markle could earn the right to call the queen by an exclusive nickname — but only if she plays her cards right

July 11, 2018

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II has quite a few nicknames, and eventually, Meghan Markle could earn the right to use one. The queen’s most exclusive nickname is “Mama.” The Duchess of Sussex will be able to call her “Mama” once she “gets to know her as Princess Diana did.” For now, Markle is expected to refer to the queen as “Your Majesty.” Queen Elizabeth has several nicknames (read: Gary, Gan-Gan, Sausage),…