Meghan Markle could earn the right to call the queen by an exclusive nickname — but only if she plays her cards right

July 11, 2018

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II has quite a few nicknames, and eventually, Meghan Markle could earn the right to use one. The queen’s most exclusive nickname is “Mama.” The Duchess of Sussex will be able to call her “Mama” once she “gets to know her as Princess Diana did.” For now, Markle is expected to refer to the queen as “Your Majesty.” Queen Elizabeth has several nicknames (read: Gary, Gan-Gan, Sausage),…


Princess Charlotte waving goodbye to Prince Charles and Camilla as they leave in his helicopter is just further proof that she’s the most adorable royal

July 9, 2018

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Once again, Princess Charlotte is proving that she has the perfect princess wave. Footage shows the three-year-old royal waving goodbye to her grandfather Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, as they prepare to board a helicopter. Princess Charlotte is known for her precious waving skills, which continue to steal the show at official royal engagements.  Princess Charlotte’s a total pro at waving, and it…