Side Effects of Hoodia Gordonii – Is it Safe to Breastfeed While Taking Hoodia Diet Pills?

Many women worry about getting rid of their extra pregnancy weight once their baby has been born. The race is on straight after the birth to return to their pre-pregnancy weights and regain their normal figures as fast as possible. If you are in this situation and decide that the easiest and most effective way to attaining this goal is to use diet pills, it is important to make sure…

March 2, 2020

The Side Effects of Hoodia – Is Hoodia Safe For Nursing Moms?

After the miracle of childbirth, many new moms decide to try to drop the weight that they gained while pregnant. It is always the case that the sooner you can lose the extra pounds the better. For a lot of people this weight loss means that they will try anything. This is especially true if the weight doesn’t seem to fall off as it does with those lucky few. The…

March 1, 2020