12 Video Ideas to Improve Company Culture

March 10, 2019

Working in HR, it’s easy to feel stretched thin when building a company culture. You’d love to interact with every job candidate and employee, but time, resource, and geographic constraints mean that’s often not possible. Video removes those constraints and makes it possible to reach everyone and build a strong culture. Powerful and flexible, video can promote your company culture anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re targeting candidates, new hires, or seasoned…


Why Done is Better Than Perfect is Now a Broken and Unworkable Philosophy

March 6, 2019

Facebook’s mantra for developers has long been “Move Fast and Break Things.” This idea of doing something, even if it’s not ideal was also adopted by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, who serves as the tech Oprah for millions of people. Her version of the slogan is “Done is Better than Perfect.” In the startup and “personal brand” worlds, the premise of “just ship it” is dogma so universally embraced that it…


There Are Still Reasons to Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time

February 7, 2019

In recent years, a rash of studies have suggested that digital technology can be extremely unhealthy for children. In particular, researchers have indicated that mobile devices and social media may be to blame for a steep rise in anxiety and depression among kids. Media outlets have responded by claiming that American youth faces a public-health crisis, and parents and educators have reacted to all this with varying degrees of hysteria….


Unfiltered: In the Red Zone: Drew Bledsoe Builds New Walla Walla Winery (Wine Spectator)

For much of his NFL career, Drew Bledsoe’s turf was Foxboro, but the All-Pro New England Patriots quarterback actually got his start under center at Walla Walla High School, in the heart of Washington wine country. When he decided to trade his football gloves for pruning ones, to Walla Walla he returned, buying a vineyard and starting Doubleback winery with the 2007 vintage. Now, after a decade of wine wins,…

December 17, 2018

How Different Admissions Criteria Can Help Your Team Better Evaluate International Applicants

December 14, 2018

Globalization, internationalization, and higher education In 1975 there were 40 million post-secondary students, and by 2007 it more than tripled to 150 million students worldwide. Much of the growth in the global student population over the past four decades is from blossoming higher education systems in developing countries. Alongside the increase in the number of students around the world, we are also seeing an increase in the number of students…


Borderless Voice Turns Personal Narrative into a Competitive Advantage

November 26, 2018

Inspiration can come from many places. But how you see yourself and your surroundings can turn that inspiration into a strategic advantage. Gbenga Ogunjimi shows how to develop that advantage with his book, Borderless Voice: The Power of Telling Your Story and Defining Your Identity. It is a very small book that conveys how believing in your dreams connects to your objectives. Ogunjimi offers a background in social entrepreneurship, using identity strategy…


LiveChat’s New Community Platform Helps Your Business Offer Better Customer Service

November 18, 2018

LiveChat has launched a Community to connect customers with other users, experts, and developers. The goal is to provide a platform in which customers can find answers and tips by facilitating the exchange of information about LiveChat products. The company has created the LiveChat Community not only as a resource customers can access anytime, but to also gain insight into what their needs are. This includes improving customer support by…


Meeting the Educational Demands of Generation Z

November 3, 2018

Meeting the Educational Demands of Generation Z eli.zimmerman_9856 Thu, 10/25/2018 – 09:31 The next generation of students — dubbed Generation Z, or iGen — will soon be flooding into higher education. Millennials may be tech savvy, but Gen Z students are in a whole new league. They’re tech natives, spending nearly their entire lives immersed in technologies that are crucial to living and learning.  To educate these students effectively, professors…


Why Are Designers Still Telling Women To Dress ‘Sexy?’

November 1, 2018

“You get authority from the stuff you put on the runway,” wrote Cathy Horyn in her joint review of the Maison Margiela and Saint Laurent collections at the recently-concluded Paris Fashion Week. Designers are not just arbiters of skirt lengths and bell sleeves; the most prominent ones can, through their clothing, encapsulate and influence female selfhood. Fashion can be approached as a delightful diversion, but it does not exist separately…