‘It was sickening’: Intern at Maryland newspaper is unsure if he’ll return to work after shooting

July 11, 2018

Twitter During his fourth week as a summer intern at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, Anthony Messenger found himself in the midst of what he described as “hell” when a man walked into the newsroom with a gun, ultimately killing five of his colleagues.  A rising senior at Salisbury University, Messenger said he’s unsure as to whether he’ll return to work and is still trying to “decompress.”  “It was…


21 Reasons “Modern Family” Producer Danny Zuker Will Never Win Parent Of The Year

June 6, 2018

Let’s all put a prayer out to the universe that his kids aren’t on Twitter. Modern Family producer Danny Zuker isn’t afraid to let it all hang out on Twitter, where he’s engaged in a long running feud with Donald Trump. View this image › Getty Images Kevin Winter When he’s not trolling Trump, however, he’s often writing about his kids in a way that makes you laugh AND hope…