The homeless death of Kane Walker: how we let down the kid from care

Kane Walker 1987-2019: How did a childhood spent in the care system lead to the young man everybody loved dying under an overpass – and could a new law help? “We’re here today because someone has touched your life,” says the priest. “You can say Kane’s life is a tragic story and he’s a lost soul. Perhaps you’re right. But the measure of a life is how many other lives…

October 31, 2019

The future of the global economy hinges on four games of chicken | Nouriel Roubini

Trump’s rows with China and Iran, Brexit and Argentina’s populism put the world on a knife edge In the classic game of chicken, two drivers race directly toward each other, and the first to swerve is the loser. If neither swerves, both will probably die. In the past, such scenarios have been studied to assess the risks posed by great-power rivalries. In the case of the Cuban missile crisis, for…

October 24, 2019

ECB faces backlash over stimulus package – business live

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, including reaction to Mario Draghi’s latest package to save the eurozone economy 8.11am BST Boom! The newest member of the ECB’s governing council has gone public with his concerns over Draghi’s stimulus package. Essentially it was the question about how effective will a new monetary easing be. “As things change — also this forward guidance and the policy may change —…

October 14, 2019

The Guardian view on Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour: time to come together | Editorial

The Labour leader has won an important victory against many high-profile opponents who wanted Labour to be the party of remain. He must now bring them back into the fold Jeremy Corbyn is cherished by many delegates in his party. He is not held in awe by them. The membership has twice backed Mr Corbyn overwhelmingly as leader despite their views being far more pro-Europe than his own. On the…

October 11, 2019

Kylie Moore-Gilbert named as Australian-British academic jailed in Iran since 2018

Cambridge-educated lecturer in Islamic Studies at Melbourne University has been in prison in Tehran for almost a year The Australian government has named the third person revealed this week to be in detention in prison in Iran as a Melbourne academic who has published work on the 2011 Arab uprisings and on authoritarian governments. British-Australian Kylie Moore-Gilbert, a Cambridge-educated academic who has worked as a lecturer in Islamic Studies at…

September 15, 2019

Two protesters arrested over Heathrow drone threat

Flights operate as normal after climate activists ‘blocked by signal-jamming technology’ Two people have been arrested as protesters attempted to fly drones near Heathrow to highlight the role air travel plays in the escalating climate emergency. Activists attempted to launch the first drone at about 3am within the airport’s three-mile (5km) exclusion zone but they said the authorities used jamming technology to prevent it taking off. Continue reading… Original Article…

September 14, 2019

So long and thanks for the fish: EU trawlers set new course post-Brexit

Amid prolonged political wrangling, families fishing in UK waters for decades are forced to reassess The Beernaert family has been catching sole, turbot and monkfish in north-western Europe for at least three generations. But, because of Brexit, decades of seafaring could soon come to an abrupt end. Benoit Beernaert, the owner of the Mare Nostrum trawler, makes half his annual catch in UK waters. And nobody knows whether his boat…

September 13, 2019

Inequality: is it rising, and can we reverse it?

The UK ranks among the most unequal nations in Europe and many people feel they are not sharing in the country’s wealth Income inequality has risen sharply since the 1970s in most advanced economies around the world, and has been blamed for increasingly polarised politics. Thomas Piketty: Capital in the 21st Century Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett: The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger Tony Atkinson: Inequality: What…

September 11, 2019

Happy Christmas? Shrinkflation trims Quality Street again

Confectioner downsizes tubs from 720g to 650g – with more chocolates and fewer toffees Quality Street is slimming down again for Christmas this year as its new seasonal 650g tubs hit UK supermarket shelves this week, downsized again from 720g last year. Aficionados of the UK’s biggest Christmas confectionery brand are in for further surprises with parent company Nestlé set to reveal that it will be offering more chocolate and…

September 11, 2019

Ucas orders inquiry into ‘racial profiling’ of UK students

University applications made by black students more likely to be investigated for fraud The university admissions clearing house Ucas has ordered an investigation after discovering that its process for investigating fraud was far more likely to demand proof of claims from black applicants than white ones. Figures obtained by a freedom of information request found that last year, one in every 100 black British applicants were subject to additional queries…

September 7, 2019